The mysterious circle on the field in Essex puzzled ufologists

The mysterious circle on the field in Essex puzzled ufologistsPhoto from open sources

August 21, residents of the United States watched with interest total solar eclipse. This astronomical phenomenon has done a lot of noise, and not only because of its rarity. The fact is that as soon as the moon closes the sun for a while, on our planet right away various unexplained phenomena began to occur. And bye Bigfoot researchers are trying to connect with the past eclipse more frequent cases of snowman observation in America, world ufologists “bombard” the public with a huge amount information about “flying saucers”, aliens and circles on fields.

Eclipse mysteriously affected activity aliens

Thousands of unidentified flying objects were seen that day during many parts of the world (watch one of tens of thousands of videos, received on this day).

And in the English city of Rochford, Essex County, on one of the fields overnight, a startling giant circle formed. His the appearance caused a lot of speculation among ufologists, virtual archaeologists and just interested in this phenomenon. Mysterious origin a mysterious crop pattern, as you might guess, is connected with the activities of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, which are sharply intensified during a solar eclipse. According to British BBC news service, the first lap on the field noticed a random a man walking early in the morning near Southend Airport a dog.

Shocked by his discovery, the man hastened to contact law enforcement officers. As you know, in the United Kingdom crop drawings is considered a serious crime. Circles on fields are true works of art, however cause significant material damage to agriculture. So, More recently, a similar image appeared on the family’s field in County Wiltshire, which is why farmers lost 8 tons of wheat. However, no matter how British law enforcers try to catch “hooligans”, they have never succeeded. Circles periodically appear here and there during the night or foggy in the morning and nobody can notice in such a deserted hours any hoaxes with special equipment. Moreover, so fast and people with their still primitive “field advertising” technology.

Amazing circle on the field

One way or another, recently appeared in Rochford circle on wheat is another masterpiece, measured literally up to a centimeter. The local drone operator Norm Bright received an exclusive permission to shoot this anomaly. By including the following video recording, you can see with your own eyes the incredible formation on the field. The figure is a few inscribed into each other circles pierced by a strange triangle with lots of hieroglyphs. Even many materialists and other skeptics, those who deny extraterrestrial life acknowledge that creating such the image on cereals can only be a team of hundreds of people, and it’s far from one hour, and the quality of the “drawing” will not be so perfect.

Many ufologists report that the appearance of a circle on the field on the eve of A total solar eclipse may not be a coincidence. By opinion of UFO researchers and alien civilizations, a huge a pattern on wheat may indicate a satellite dish or radio signal. Did the aliens finally decide to go with us on full contact and hint at it already in the open? Incomprehensible the hieroglyphics on the triangle also aroused great interest in specialists. Currently, many decryptors are trying determine what information is encoded in this message.

Eclipses of Yeti

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