The mysterious disappearance of a boy who left his last no less mysterious photo

The mysterious disappearance of a boy who left his last no less mysterious photoA photo from open sources

We have repeatedly talked about the mysterious disappearances of people. Some of them (from among the lucky ones) nevertheless returned “from there”, but there are many who could not be found in the passage many years. Moreover, some of the missing leave at least some traces, others – nothing at all.

Missing American 12-year-old teenager Jared Negrete occurred in July 1991, almost 29 years have passed, but this secret remained unsolved.

Jared, along with other boys (there were 15 in total) went that day to conquer the top of the national reserve, that is located near the city of San Bernardino (state of Southern California). Nothing foreshadowed the tragedy, the campaign as a campaign, especially – in the summer. But at some point Negrete somehow lagged behind his comrades – it happened about 400 meters from the top of the mountain. Leader Boy Scouts, the older teenager, having noticed this, returned for Jared, but … didn’t find him on the trail. Participants of the campaign tried to find a comrade on their own, but they have nothing it turned out, and then the commander turned to the rescuers for help.

A photo from open sources

Two weeks almost three thousand professional rescuers and volunteers searched for the missing boy, combing fifty square miles, as they say, almost with a magnifying glass. Finally, traces of Jared’s sneakers were discovered, and then his camera with 12 shots. This is all that was found.

Notable was one of the photographs (the rest eleven – just beautiful landscapes), but in the last photo Negrete himself is captured. Photo taken at night with flash, today it can be called a selfie, because Jared for some reason he took off himself. And took off somehow awkwardly – only one part faces. It is hard to imagine that left alone in the mountains, at night a boy I just dabbled in doing such a selfie for memory. He wanted something show or say this picture, the researchers are sure. But what, it remains a mystery, because nothing can be seen in the photo, except the face of a teenager.

A photo from open sources

The boy, or at least his remains, was never found. There are some versions of what happened:

  • Jared fell from a cliff, crashed, that’s just why there wasn’t even a trace of this tragedy;
  • he was dragged away by wild animals, say, bears or cougars, but hunters they say that this is unlikely in the summer;
  • the boy was either abducted by aliens, or he simply “failed” into another dimension.

But even the most fantastic theories raise many questions. For example, why did Jared suddenly fall behind and even descend from the path (strange is not it)? Why didn’t the rescuers find him that day, who, by the way, combed the area at night? How on photo was the boy without glasses that he never took off? If Negreta “failed” in another dimension, how and why in our world his cell returned because, according to the rescuers, they found her where the area in the early days was examined almost to blades of grass?

There are no answers and, of course, will not be. Like a boy who today would be a respectable man at forty. Or maybe this the man is alive to this day, only in a completely different reality? What do you think?..

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