The mysterious glow does not give researchers peace

The mysterious glow haunts researchersPhoto from open sources

In the southwest of the US state of Missouri, near the city Joplin, on the E50, you can run into a paranormal which excites scientists since the last century and which still no scientific explanation.

However, among researchers of everything mysterious and incomprehensible, including ufologists studying these fantastic lights that appear here after dark, there is no consensus: what it is that.

Ghostly balls in the form of balls with a basketball in this a deserted place can be seen quite often. By the way, note that even Army Corps tried to solve this anomaly in the last century of Engineers (United States Army Corps of Engineers), but also such meticulous researchers have not reached an unambiguous conclusion – only hypotheses and assumptions.

Meanwhile, the natives call this miracle “Devil Walks” or “The Devil’s Boardwalk.” According to a local resident Mary Roundtree (Maria Roundtree), fireballs floating in the air, capable of changing color from red to dark blue is a rather eerie sight. They move very quickly, although they may just hang over ground, above the trees or moving behind a walking person, behind car racing along the highway, never, however, not overtaking his “sacrifice.”

A photo from open sources

The photographs you see were taken by Antone Dolezal photographers (Anthony Dolezal) and Lara Shipley (Lara Shipley). This pair is specially came to this mysterious place and spent the evening here, waiting the darkness. Lara and Anthony saw and even photographed the Promenade Devil. “Then they asked the locals what it was, but they heard in response only fabulous legends.

According to one of them, the souls of two lovers wander in the night Indians whom the leader ordered to throw off the cliff, as he was against their relationship. Perhaps he himself was trying to marry a girl (the true reason for this cruel act is history is silent).

Orthodox scholars blame everything on the properties of shale natural gas that breaks out and ignites spontaneously. Here just it’s not clear why it is spherical, soundless, and even haunting people? And then, shale gas is widely distributed across to the whole world, but the Devil’s Promenade for some reason “registered” only in this place. Ufologists believe that this is a UFO or even the aliens themselves, say from the energy world. It seems to solve this mystery we have not yet been given, like many others with whom we constantly and humanity is everywhere confronted. It remains only to build guesses yes to be surprised …

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