The mysterious ice circle is now found on american river

The mysterious ice circle is now found on the American riverA photo from open sources

Last year we wrote about a mysterious water anomaly, formed on the Kuban River in the Krasnodar Territory. On melted literally overnight a fantastic even circle appeared on the ice with a diameter of about eight meters, continuously rotating under the influence of the current. The edges of the imposing ice block are as if measured with jewelry accuracy by a giant compass and cut chainsaw. However, experts reported that people here neither at what.

Now a similar, presumably miraculous, round a masterpiece discovered on the Snokvalmi River in King County state of washington. The authors of the find were about a week ago local Travelers hiking in nature. According to eyewitnesses, they were simply amazed when they saw a perfectly smooth an ice circle spinning slowly on the water. That similar a phenomenon has been observed before in Russia and some other parts of the Earth, the Americans did not know.

The video below is able to fly around many sites, provoking heated debate among the regulars of the World Wide Web regarding the nature of this anomaly. Some commentators believe that the video captures an incredibly rare natural phenomenon. Other Internet users are convinced that the mysterious “icy carousel “was created by some jokers. There are also individuals who claim to be the result of an activity aliens or forest spirits.

American meteorologist Walter Kelly, interested in this a phenomenon, joined the number of skeptics. The scientist said that ice the disc was created exclusively by nature. Like, calm wind and minus seven degrees Celsius, observed here for more than a week, created ideal conditions for the emergence of a circle of frozen water. “Such discs sometimes form on the external bends of rivers, where due to the accelerating current, a slow rotation of ice occurs. Rotating ice grinds against the surrounding ice, thereby acquiring surprisingly round shape, ”says the specialist.

It is noteworthy that the diameter of the ice circle on Snokvalmi, according to the observers estimate is about twenty-six feet – about the same as the disk that once stood on The North Caucasus is a peculiar tourist attraction. True, if the Russians plunged freely on their “carousel”, then Americans approach their mysterious ice circle they are afraid. You never know what …

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