The mysterious “kaleidoscopic” glow removed over arizona

MysteriousA photo from open sources

Arizona resident wishing to leave his name and more the exact place of residence in secret, reports that photographed 16 June this year, a mysterious anomaly in the dark sky. According to men, he left late at night to look at stars, and suddenly I saw a strange purple circle above, similar to drawing in a kaleidoscope.

The surprised American took out his smartphone and … managed once capture this phenomenon in the picture. The fact is that it cost ours the hero change the angle of observation as the luminous disk disappeared, as if scattering into a myriad of tiny fragments. It was so it is amazing that the American even regretted not turning it on video recording. Unfortunately, at first the anomaly in the sky did not seem to him very “convincing” or something, and he just wanted to see how her “sees” the camera …

The photographer has no idea what it could be: an unidentified flying object, a striking atmospheric phenomenon, portal to another dimension or even natural magic.

The picture quickly interested many ufologists and researchers. supernatural phenomena on the Web who are trying to find now an explanation of what happened. Indeed, in the night sky there is clearly something quite mysterious. On the Internet, a “kaleidoscopic” glow over For some reason, Arizona did not even give rise to skeptical remarks, maybe because no one has yet expressed categorically and unambiguously – that what is it? ..

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