The mysterious levitating cylinder was captured in forest of Dagestan

The mysterious levitating cylinder was captured in the forest of DagestanA photo from open sources

The amazing video below was shot at early October of this year in the Samur Forest, located in Magaramkent district of the Republic of Dagestan. Local hunter then went to nature and unexpectedly stumbled into the wilderness at something inexplicable.

At some point, the man suddenly saw how slowly from the ground a mysterious cylindrical object that looked like a small bright washer. Our hero captured an inexplicable phenomenon on camera mobile phone, then hastened to retire from this place I’ll pick it up.

According to the author of the video, he has no idea what he had a chance to collide. Maybe it was a tiny unidentified flying object? Or a living being from another world? What if speech is about a mysterious gravitational anomaly, and in front of us is just some garbage that for some reason ceased to obey known laws of physics? Alas, I can’t say with accuracy yet one user of the World Wide Web.

It remains to be hoped that unusual shots will attract attention professionals able to clarify the situation and possibly investigate This place is in the Samur forest. Fortunately, in Russia there are many unorthodox experts interested in any events beyond the usual.


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