The mysterious luminous ball “materialized” in woman’s house

Mysterious luminous ballA photo from open sources

There’s an intriguing video on the World Wide Web received, presumably, at the beginning of the current month somewhere in The United States. Unknown woman was talking at that moment. on a cell phone with her son and suddenly felt near yourself an extraneous presence. Our heroine tried to discover mysterious “stranger”, but to no avail. According to the hostess at home, it was like a touch of something warm and invisible.

Surprisingly, the mysterious anomaly is well captured on surveillance camera in a woman’s home. By including the following video, you can see how our heroine tries to find by touch the invisible “intruder” that turns out to be … a small glowing ball flying through the air near her! Curious that he often “strikes” against a certain object hanging from the ceiling, and that one is constantly swinging. It turns out that the anomaly could physically affect our world, and not just affect the feeling of an American.

Some say that it was the so-called orb – the essence from a subtle world that you cannot see with your own eyes, but you can capture in a photo or video. According to others, it’s about ghost. Still others recall guests from parallel universes, the fourth is about ball lightning. Be that as it may, unusual frames attracted the attention of numerous users Networks made me wonder whom to think …

Unfortunately, all the assumptions made by commentators have no scientific evidence, even about ball lightning, our scientists know almost nothing, not to mention other worlds and orbah. On the eve of Catholic Christmas, one of the users Networks even suggested that it was simply a divine miracle. Well, such a purely Christian view of the incident at the American house also has the right to life, and he is nothing more fantastic than anyone others …

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