The mysterious “spider-man” climbs the most tall building of london

MysteriousA photo from open sources

London has the tallest building in the UK, and that’s all European Union, – “The Shard”, whose height reaches 310 meters. Moreover, this 95-story skyscraper is made mainly of glass panels.

Climbing such an ultra-modern structure is not a matter of just risky, but also very problematic. However, in this Monday is one of the daredevils who consider themselves, apparently, Spiderman, tried to do this (see video).

An unknown man without insurance deftly climbed a high-rise the building, when passersby already noticed it and began to shoot on video cameras, calling in parallel rescue services. Soon the police arrived and the ambulance. Extreme was not given the opportunity completely conquer the skyscraper, he had to enter the building by the demand of law enforcement officers on the floor where they found him in moment of rise.

Note that the officers welcomed the brave climber, calmly talked with him and released, as they say, with the world, then there is a man has not been arrested. His having not been disclosed. AND if his personality remains a mystery, then the motive is quite common for rip off such people – they need it first of all for self-affirmation, otherwise their life, like the life of an addict without another doses, loses all attractiveness and turns into a kind dreary torture. This is how extreme actions of people explain psychologists.

Is it true or not, to us, mere mortals, this is not given to know, but, maybe for the better? For example, being in London, you can safely climb the “Shard” (its observation deck), paying for it 27 pounds sterling (a little over 2 thousand Russian rubles). And no problems …

A life

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