The mysterious story of a man who entered the bar and didn’t come back from there

The mysterious story of a man who entered the bar and did not return from thereA photo from open sources

There are many stories about the mysterious disappearances of people, according to statistics in our world every year millions disappear without a trace – and no one knows where they go. However sometimes similar disappearances happen so fantastic that it becomes loud and memorable event. This is what will be discussed Today.

It happened in 2006 with the 27-year-old American Brian. Shaffer, his disappearance is considered a truly unique case and still occupies the minds of researchers of paranormal phenomena of our of life. The fact is that this man entered the usual bar in the evening … and still not come back.

What preceded the disappearance of a man

Brian studying at Ohio University College of Medicine Columbus was described as a smart and welcoming young man, promising. He got along well with others in including with other students, and apparently didn’t have any ill-wishers. Shortly before the illness died the mother of our hero, whom he loved very much, however Shaffer seems to have endured the loss steadily and did not intend to change in your life for this reason.

A photo from open sources

On March 31, 2006, he set off in the evening with friends to celebrate. start of spring break at Ugly Tuna Saloona’s student bar University campus area. Time has long exceeded midnight when the man’s friends decided to disperse and noticed that he somehow quietly separated from them and was not visible anywhere nearby The comrades began to look for Brian, but could not find. At two at one o’clock in the morning the drinking room closed, and Shaffer never left it.

Missing guy begin to look for

Of course, at first no one began to panic, because the friends of our hero expectedly expected that he simply left home before them, as they say, ran away from the party. Only later two days, when a girl came to him, it turned out that a student in that evening, apparently, did not return to himself from the bar. Before this girl repeatedly called Brian and began to seriously worry that her the boyfriend does not answer the calls. Soon, Shaffa’s disappearance worried his family, who contacted the police.

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The first thing law enforcement officers examined all the recordings from the cameras inside bar and outside it. It was then that history began to acquire mystical shade, puzzling even the most experienced detectives. Sheffer seemed to dissolve in the air, lost in “blind spots” CCTV, that is, at some point he was there, where the cameras did not look, and no longer appeared in their field of vision. Recording devices near the main and emergency entrances never captured a man leaving a drinking room.

In the disappearance of a man, some mysticism was traced.

Guardians of the law found and interviewed all the people recorded then bar cameras. Alas, no one saw them, where did Brian go, and noticed anything unusual or suspicious that night. Many of they were forced to take a lie detector test, but to no avail. His passed the friends, girl and relatives of the student, as well as the owners and drinking staff, but none of them clearly lied. It turns out these people really did not know what happened to the missing person. Search with dogs of neighboring areas and sewers, as well as studying records with cameras in nearby buildings also failed.

Shaffer’s car remained parked nearby. from the bar, and since then no one has used his credit card. What is characteristic, after the disappearance of a man was repeatedly reported that he was seen around the university campus, but the police each time did not find his tracks there.

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According to Brian’s sweetheart, on whom he was believed to be was going to marry, after disappearance she called him every night on mobile for many months, and the subscriber has always been not available. However, one day the call unexpectedly passed, although no one picked up the phone. The police managed to determine that the phone men were at that moment in the town of Hilliard 23 kilometers from Columbus, but Shaffer was not found there either.

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Student’s mysterious disappearance quickly became nationwide the news. Famous rock band “Pearl Jam”, which was a favorite Brian’s musical team at one of his concerts appealed to the audience, asking them to provide the police with any information about the missing person, if any. Law enforcement officers to still get tips from time to time, but not one of them so far did not push the investigation forward. The case remains unsolved.

Where did Brian Shaffer go?

The student’s father and brother turned to a clairvoyant. She had a session and supposedly saw the body of a missing person in a certain river near the bridge. Not far from the university, the Olentangi River just passes, and Brian’s relatives, enlisting the support of volunteers, for a long time looked for him there. Unfortunately, to no avail. Some people think that Shaffer simply disappeared from our reality, for example, “failed” in a parallel world, and therefore its search useless.

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It’s possible that millions of other missing people are also they move to parallel worlds, which, according to Today, scientists are already, there can be countless. Not it’s surprising that it’s so easy to get lost in them, but to go back – almost impossible…

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