The mystery of dolmen Mara

The riddle of dolmen MaraPhoto from open sources

Material confirmation of the stay of our ancestors on In the Caucasus in ancient times are dolmens. Dolmens weight reaches more than 70 tons, they are usually made from sandstone having large quartz inclusions. Scientists determine Dolmens are 4–6 millennia old. In the middle of the twentieth century a group of archaeologists under the leadership of L.I. Lavrov, engaged in the study of dolmens. By 1960, they had compiled catalog of 1,139 dolmens of the North Caucasus. In the second half of the twentieth century a lot of work on the systematization of dolmens was done by a group scientists under the direction of V.I. Carrot, student and follower L.I. Lavrov. Morkovin supplemented the catalog-map of dolmens to 2.308 units. Today there are several hypotheses, one of they were proposed by the Sochi scientist V.M. Kondryakov, for many years dedicated to the study and systematization of dolmens. He overlaid the circuit location of dolmens on a geological map of the area, and it turned out that all dolmens are located above the earth’s fault line bark. But it is precisely on these lines that arises and accumulates colossal power of tension. These are, in fact, anomalous zones with different streams of energy emissions. To such places today people are striving. Some of them call these areas the source. strength. Being close to some dolmens, they feel a surge of strength, peace, harmony with the outside world, the desire for creativity. Others have dolmens we can feel devastation, weakness. Our ancestors used the energy properties of various dolmens. For example, for body cleansing, to restore strength, to treat the wounded warriors. And even to leave Mother Earth. If you had to leave their body forever, they entered the dolmen and, being in it, drank only the water that relatives passed to them through the hole in the wall. According to legend, our ancestors went to higher worlds, causing inner fire. Then there was spontaneous combustion (in many dolmens actually found the remains of charred human bones). Dolmen, according to legend, could be used for connections with ancestors and gods, when the soul went to the temporary journey. Near most dolmens were springs with mineral water, which gave additional energy nourishing our ancestors. So that people are not mistaken in their purpose dolmens, priests marked them with the help of runes. Today due to the movements of the earth’s crust, the movement of magma, etc. (passed nevertheless millennia) the abnormal energy release zones have shifted and not coincide with the location of the dolmens. But there are exceptions. Not far from the city of Krasnodar in the village of Shapsug still There are two active dolmens. According to locals, one of them is “kind” and, being next to him, a person feels himself in high spirits, and another “evil” – people around him feel emptiness and weakness. If you look closely at the dolmen, you can see the half-worn inscription written in runes. It consists message of the past of the eight runes. Two big ones come first, then two small runes one above the other, then again two large and two small runes one above the other (a short text is shown in the figure). From the decrypted inscription we can conclude that this dolmen Goddess Mara emits positive energy that can bind man with gods and ancestors. He helps to tie the fate of one a person with the fate of another, if you conduct a wedding ceremony betrothal. But does the inscription correspond to the current state dolmen? How to check it? Yes, very simple, you need to watch plants around the dolmen, and mother nature herself will tell us everything. Near the dolmen grows a pair of strange trees that literally hug each other. The trunk of one is twisted around in a spiral of another. So, we can conclude that there is an ejection in this place vortex energy and the tree follows the direction of rotation of this energy. The barrel is twisted salting (in the sun), and this means that positive radiation. Local residents based on their observations call this symbiosis a “tree of love” and it speaks of positive orientation of the dolmen and its working condition. Many people who have been here to keep in touch with each other and a place of power, leave colorful ribbons on the trees. Near from dolmen are two more communication portal. If you go down then we will fall into the fault zone of the earth’s crust, to the source with hydrogen sulfide (dead water). Near the source of hydrogen sulfide there is a stone formation, now called the Stone Finger, or the Devil’s finger (as he was nicknamed during the period of persecution of pre-Christian faith). But it’s more correct to call it the finger of God Veles, since the fault always symbolizes the boundary between the worlds, and on the border of the worlds is Veles. “Welez’s death cannot be avoided,” Our ancestors spoke. The people are still falling to this boulder and makes wishes to get rid of bad habits or acquire any positive qualities. And, they say, in many cases helps. It is only necessary to climb to the very top of the stone and mentally make a wish addressed to Veles, and then go down and sit for ten minutes in silence near the finger, reflecting on conceived. From Veles finger you have to go up to the stone education tuned to the perception and connection of the forces of all three worlds that existed, according to our ancestors (the world of Yavi, the world of Navi and the world of Law). Lying on a stone bed and standing near cylindrical and conical holes, you are quite possibly gain the breadth of perception of various energies of heaven. Which of the heavenly halls (constellations) of the Milky Way helped the ancestors contact dolmen in the village of Shapsugskaya? The answer is the dolmen’s cap, which depicts a portion of the sky with the constellation Orion and others nearby stars (according to legend, the birth of the Kuban and other Cossacks arrived on Earth from this constellation).

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