The mystery of luminous people

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In May 1934, The Times spoke about the “luminous a woman from Pirano. “Signora Anna Monaro suffered from asthma and during several weeks while sleeping from her breast with quick impulses there was a blue light. This phenomenon was observed by many doctors, but could not give him a reasonable explanation. One psychiatrist suggested that “the phenomenon is caused by electric and magnetic organisms that have received quite a strong development in the body this woman and therefore emit radiance, “- in other words, another way to say: “I do not know.” Another doctor suggested a theory electromagnetic radiation by relating it to certain chemical components that are in the skin of the patient, which was close to fashionable then the theory of bioluminescence. Dr. Protty who did lengthy statement regarding his observations of Signora Monaro, suggested that her poor health along with starvation and piety increased the amount of sulfides in the blood. Human blood emits rays in the ultraviolet range, and sulfides can to force luminescence by ultraviolet radiation – this and explains the radiance from Signora Monaro’s chest (The Times, May 5 1934). The proposed theory did not explain the strange periodicity or localization of bluish flashes, and soon bewildered the researchers were completely silent. Harvey talks about luminous bacteria that feed on human sweat, but, by according to Protty, Anna Monaro began to sweat profusely only after her breast emitted radiance, and just at that moment her heart began to beat twice as fast as usual. In many textbooks and scientific works on toxicology describe wounds, emitting radiance. This is usually explained by the presence of wounds luminescent bacteria or secretions that contain biochemical substances luciferin and luciferase, as well as ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate), which, as a rule, do not combine, and if connect them, then they begin to emit light. Similar process occurs when the glow of fireflies and fire flies. However, if these theories could be applied to the case of Signora Monaro, then her whole body should glow. Gould and Pile Book “Anomalies and curiosities in medicine “for 1937 describes the case of a woman, suffering from breast cancer. Outgoing from the diseased area the chest light was enough to see the dial of the watch, a few feet away … In the book of Hareward Carrington’s “Death: its causes and related phenomena” is mention of a child dying of indigestion. After death the boy’s body began to emit a bluish radiance and spread heat. Attempts to extinguish this radiance did not lead to anything, but soon it ceased by itself. When the body was lifted from the bed, it turned out that the sheet underneath was burned … The only case light emission by a practically healthy person (not counting, of course, saints) is described in the journal “English Mechanic” on September 24, 1869 g.: “One American, going to bed, found a glow of the upper parts of the fourth toe of her right foot. When she rubbed her leg the glow increased and some unknown force spread its fingers on her. The stench emanated from the leg, and both light emission and the smell did not stop even when the leg was immersed in a basin with water. Even the soap could not extinguish or reduce the glow. Lasted this phenomenon is three quarters of an hour, and this woman’s husband watched it. ” The church refers to the phenomenon of “firefly people” approvingly. Dad Benedict XIV wrote: “… It should be recognized as a fact – the presence of natural flame that sometimes becomes visible around of the human head, and also it seems like the truth that sometimes from everything fire can come out of a person’s body, but not like a fire, rushing up, but rather in the form of sparks flying at all side. “As an example, we quote a fragment from the biography of St. Lidwin, written by Thomas Kempisky (c. 1380 – 1471 gg., German religious writer, Augustinian monk): “And although she always lay in the dark and material light was unbearable for her eyes, light the divine was pleasant to her; that’s why her cell is often wonderful lit up and it seemed to everyone that she was full of material fixtures or torches. And it was not strange that even her body overwhelmed her God’s brightness. “Herbert Surston wrote:” There are so many tales of saints that made light in the cell or even throughout the chapel thanks to the light that streamed from them or fell on them that I’m ready to understand what is being described literally … doubt, there are hundreds of similar examples that we can found in the lives of the saints, and although many of them rest on quite unsteady basis, there are enough cases that you can’t just drop it like that … It’s hard to refuse the veracity of such phenomena, if we recognize that these people have an amazing gift goodness “(” Physical manifestations in mysticism “, 1952) Surston talks about a case that deserves a more detailed presentation. To the Spanish theologian Father Francisco Suarez from Jesuit College in Coimbra, Portugal, came alone an old man named Herome da Silva to tell the Holy Father about the arrival of some nobleman. The first room in the suite was immersed in darkness, the windows were down curtains and shutters closed, so that intolerable heat does not penetrate inside. Suarez biographer, father R. Skorrel, conveys the impressions of da Silva about what happened: “I called the holy father, but there was no answer. In the gap between the doorpost and the curtain separating his office from the rest premises, a bright light was visible. I pulled back the curtain, went into inner chambers and saw that blinding light comes from crucifixion. He was so strong that he resembled a reflection sunlight from the window pane and I felt that if I continue to look at this light, it will be blinded. Light poured from crucifixes and fell on the face and chest of Father Suarez. In this bright light kneeling, with his head uncovered, with his hands entwined, he soared in the air at about one meter above the floor at the table on which the crucifix stood. Seeing this picture, I, startled, quietly left, my hair stood on end, and I did not know what should I do. “After about a quarter of an hour, the holy father went out and with I saw with surprise that they were waiting for him. “When the holy father heard my the story that I entered the inner chambers, he grabbed me by the arm and with tears in his eyes begged to not say anything to anyone from of what I saw, at least while he was alive. “They had one and the same confessor who suggested da Silva write about everything, seal written in an envelope and do not open it until father Suarez will be alive. All three were known for their piety whether they could derive any benefit from deception. In the same way Saint Francis of Assisi soared in the air and Saints Philip shone Neri, Catherine de Richey, Francis of Paola, Alphonse Ligori and many others are no less noble, but not elevated to the rank of saints. When Moses came down from Mount Sinai, the skin on his face, as he says the legend shone so brightly that the one who saw it was afraid to him come up. Some time after that he had to close face in the presence of other people (Isa. 34: 29 – 35). Official science, on the contrary, categorically refutes the fundamental possibility the existence of “firefly people.” Official medicine phenomenon “luminous people” categorically denies, explaining the glow of wounds, described in scientific works on toxicology, the presence in these wounds luminescent bacteria.


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