The mystery of Philippine healers

The mystery of the Philippine healersPhotos from open sources of

Recently, when official medicine has practically lost its “human face”, patients increasingly prefer alternative healing methods. Of the many existing today, unconventional methods of treatment are perhaps the most amazing is the art of philippine healers.

Someone considers these people truly omnipotent healers, and someone – virtuoso charlatans. Witnesses from many countries claim that the magic hands of healers really penetrate human bodies and save those abandoned by the traditional the medicine. After these operations on the patient’s body there are no traces! ..

So who are these people – ingenious healers or scammers?

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Healers are traditional Filipino healers who conduct surgical operations without using any special tools and even gloves. However, they do not apply anesthetics and this also differs from other healers and especially modern surgeons. The work of the healers is akin to psychosurgery, as they affect patients both physically and mentally.

The word “healer” comes from the English “heal”, which means “heal”. However, this name is “local”; in the West such healers are better known as “mental surgeons” and “surgeons” fourth dimension. “It is understood that such names are even larger intrigue artless inhabitants …

Philippine healers did not appear yesterday or today

The first written records of healers date back to the 16th century and belong to the crew members of the sea ship who fell on Filipino island and there witnessed a magical healing. One of the sailors was fortunate enough to experience this miracle on himself, after which his condition improved dramatically. However information this one remained in the old diaries.

Only in the forties of the last century did Europeans manage record how a Filipino healer works with a patient. After that, the whole world learned about healers. Today you can find in The web is full of wonderful pictures and videos healings.

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These healers now there are no more than 50 people, with the fact that in almost every community in the Philippines 8-10 people live, calling themselves this big word. The most famous is June Labo, to which patients come from all over the world. Perlito is also very popular. Alcazar, Maria Bilosana, Nida Talon.

Like other folk healers, Philippine healers use herbal medicine, massage, various conspiracies and others unconventional methods of treatment. However, the main difference in their action is surgical practice.

Fantastic Filipino Healer Surgery

These people spend their unique operations literally naked. hands. Without a scalpel, clamps and all other tools, they penetrate into the human body and are removed from there by foreign objects, stones, slags, etc.

These startling operations are like conventional surgical interventions begin with patient preparation. Training includes communication of the healer with the patient and general meditation. Then healer tells the patient in detail what exactly and how he will do it. Then anesthesia is performed – but without the usual injections. By clicking on certain points, the healer conducts a partial anesthesia – and the patient becomes insensitive to pain.

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During the operation, the patient stays in full or in part consciousness. However, he does not have pain or any discomfort experiencing. Those who have experienced the skill of healers, they say, that during the operation you can feel light slaps or soft tingling sensation.

From the side, such an action seems to be something supernatural. The healer scans the patient’s exposed body, leading him over his hands. Later in a certain place the hands stop – and the healer’s fingers enter the flesh of the patient, after which they begin just the same unthinkable manipulations. Despite the appearance of blood, the patient stays calm, and the healer takes out blood clots, tumors from his body or some other formations. These “treasures” demonstrate to the patient, saying that the cause of the disease has been eliminated and the person is completely healthy.

Are Filipino Healers Scammers?

But what are the arguments of those who consider healer surgeons to be skillful scammers? They refer to the fact that during preoperative conversation with the healer, the patient is offered a glass alcohol tinctures of some herbs. Skeptics believe that it is with using this drink, not acupressure and meditation pain relief is achieved.

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Next, how does the healer know where to look for what requires removal, and what generally hurts the patient? Here to find out, and give him a “plop” difficult glass, after which a “sick” patient is simply elucidated that his worries. So, no less!

And of course, the lack of any traces is completely confusing. from the operation. The implacable logic of skeptics says: if there was blood if something was taken out of a person, where the trace is a wound or scar? Since there are none, there was no operation, but there was … simple suggestion that applied to impressionable and often desperate people. Well of course! And that explains everything!

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Meanwhile, there are fully confirmed facts of cure healers of patients recognized by official medicine hopeless. After returning from the Philippines, such patients are in no hurry see a doctor, just after some time quite by chance a lack of certain diseases, for example, a cancerous tumor.

They say it’s true that Filipino healers do not undertake to help people with diseases of the brain, blood and bone cancer, and very advanced cancer. As for all other patients, then healers accurately “calculate” those who do not believe in them powerful power, and also denied treatment. As they say, by let your faith be to you …


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