The mystery of the African land – burrows Valumbe

The mystery of the African land - burrows ValumbePhotos from open sources of

In southern Uganda, 8 km from the city of Mityana, is the Tanda Hill, famous for its mysterious vertical burrows, as if drilled in rock. Similar holes can be found in other parts of the country, however not so many; here they are – 240.

Burrows of death

According to rumors, animals bypass these burrows. People dare to penetrate into the gloomy depths, return from there with a feeling of undeniable primitive horror. However, such luck not destined for everyone, since many remain underground forever. It is no coincidence that these holes are called death holes (by the way, Valumbe – it is the god of death in the myths of the inhabitants of Uganda). Some of the holes that are overgrown grass and almost indistinguishable, resemble traps, patiently waiting for their victims …

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What are the Valumbe holes actually? it vertical smooth recesses with a diameter of one and a half meters and a length of three to seventy meters. Holes are positioned specific at a distance of fifteen meters from each other. One of them are single, others are interconnected by a network of tunnels. Scientists cannot determine the exact age of these holes, and therefore it is believed that the holes are several centuries old. However, who dug or rather, drilled them in those times when people used primitive stone tools? ..

Almighty bachwezi – creators of the Valumbe burrows

Traditions of local tribes say that in the XIII century in this place lived light-skinned people who possessed supernatural abilities. Their name was bachwezi. These people could fly instantly moved in space, communicated telepathically and could cure any ailment. And they also knew the history of all nations, inhabiting the earth. Bachwezi kept blood clean and not mixed with the black African people. For food they used exclusively their own agricultural culture. In general, the bachwezi were not enslavers, rather they were teachers, mentors, military leaders. In a century, however, these people suddenly disappeared, as if dissolved into the jungle either went to another world through these rocky holes …

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The version of the existence of the bachwezi was confirmed by archaeologists. IN in the vicinity, they discovered technology-made items, not known to the local tribes. What’s more interesting: until now time not a single burial was discovered amazing fair-skinned people. Only architectural monuments remained, skillfully constructed irrigation facilities and these drilled holes …

According to official science, the wells in the rocks are abandoned mines that once mined coal, iron ore and chalk. In particular, a geologist wrote about this in 1920. J. Taylor. However, who could extract in this way the wealth of the earth bowels in the XIII century, if not bachwezi? ..

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Other versions of the origin of the burrow of death

Ufologists, of course, adhere to the version of an alien intervention. Since there are traces of minerals in the area of ​​burrows and their walls are very few, they say, which means the aliens were removed from Earth something else, very valuable to them. However, what exactly failed to install.

Other versions are available. For example, hunters consider “burrows death “traps for the wild beast, farmers – stone cellars, in which the products were stored … But be that as it may, but drill such holes in the stone are not easy today, not that much centuries ago. And then, why do people and animals experience inexplicable and panicky fear, being on the hill of Tanda? ..

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Locals believe that the spirit of Valumbe lives in its depths, however, each hole is dedicated to a separate, special, to the deity. Therefore, Africans often come here who saw god of death in a nightmare. Special conductor interprets them dreams, gives the necessary explanations for the afflicted, after which directs pilgrims to one of the recesses. There they should to pray or bring some gift in order to receive blessing of their gods …

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