The mystery of the audio recording from the Kola superdeep wells

The riddle of audio from the Kola superdeep wellA photo from open sources

Rumor has it that drillers of the Kola superdeep well 27 September 1984 opened the road to hell. The mystery of one soundtrack.

This story is very old. I have known her since 1990. No one now does not remember, but then in cooperative stalls they sold a lot of different items. Including a huge amount audio cassettes for home tape recorders. And that is true in those times blessed for small business no one and know nothing I knew about copyrights and other laws.

So in that distant 1990, I, a 20 year old student, bought in stall audio recording allegedly made at Kola superdeep well. A colorful liner reported that scientists recorded sounds from hell. In 1989, the Americans showed a documentary about this unusual case. A series of articles has served its purpose and well, in in the end, they closed it. In the time of Yeltsin, the project tried unsuccessfully resuscitate, now a unique science station finally died.

However, this is not even the case, the USSR collapsed which under its buried in ruins the power and greatness of the “Red Empire”, and which scientific projects in a country where one half of the population has become beggar, and the other half went into bandits or became “shuttles” … Here and I had this tape lying around until 2014, until I accidentally found.

Since in the 21st century it has become possible to digitize in the domestic environment sound is a very powerful sound editors, then using one of them (the most advanced and modern in the world), I cleaned Records from interference completely. Even highlighted a certain signal that was dominant in the phonogram itself. Result me ​​just shocked!

A brief history of the appearance of the phonogram itself. In 1983 on the well passed a record 12,000 mark. Drill bit installation sank to a depth of 12 kilometers! It was absolute a record comparable in scale to geology with a flight to the moon in 1969 year. In conditions of incredible temperature and pressure the installation worked like a clock. Geologists got a huge amount rock samples that no one else would otherwise have reached. But incomprehensible happened.

The equipment began to work unstably, the drilling rig hit into the cavity. Drilling was temporarily stopped, and the operator decided to lower well microphone. Here it is necessary to clarify. Those geologists who claim the impossibility of recording phonograms from such a depth, to put it mildly, they lie. The acoustic research method has been used for a very long time. A beep is sent and then its echo is recorded. So by determining the movement of lithospheric plates of the earth’s crust. Unusual of this experiment was that they recorded on an ordinary bobbin record player.

They simply lowered the microphone and recorded. Listened to the recording, and the authorities ordered her to be destroyed. But the scientist kept the record by copying it to your tape recorder. Probably the only one phonogram and walks “hands” for more than 20 years. The record itself was so incomprehensible that no reasonable explanation for her no origin. Very little surviving piece of audio replete with different sounds. Including similar to the voices of people. After this recording was made at a depth was recorded the explosion and all the anomalies ceased.

A photo from open sources

A few years later the USSR collapsed. Brief Chronology: In 1983 12,066 meters were drilled in the year and temporarily stopped – preparing for International Geological Congress, which was supposed to held in 1984 in Moscow. On September 27, 1984, drilling was continued. At the very first descent, an accident occurred – it broke off drill string. Drilling resumed from a depth of 7000 m – and by 1990 the new branch reached a depth of 12,262 meters. Column cut off again and the drilling was completed. This help shows Something fatal incident happened on September 27, 1984. AND it was then that this phonogram was made. Exactly 30 years ago.

After that, rumors began to be spurred on by various fables. So in the American TV program suddenly got a stupid fiction about a demon, escaping from the underworld through the borehole to the outside. But that’s about it the fact was told to all and sundry. From the AIF newspaper to the weekly “Speed-Info” (a very popular publication in those years).

The result of my work with the original (hopefully) phonogram 1990 years, you can listen to the video above. There are sounds on the record resembling the voices of people. There is an audio signal of an old concert phonograms, in those years the equipment did not allow erasing old records completely, in the case when recording was carried out immediately, without pre-erasing the old signal was “layering” audio signals.

On my phonogram there is a short fragment of the Italian stage 80 years (very fashionable in the USSR in those years). I processed the phonogram different ways. Separated all extraneous sounds and removed interference. Mounted from these phonograms one common. Ended up staying initial signal. The one that was recorded on September 27 1984 year.

By the way, there are phonograms and sounds of flowing water. Until 1984 it was believed that water in liquid form at such a great depth under no land. Due to high temperature (200 degrees Celsius above zero) and pressure, the water should (according to the idea) be in vapor form, but water at this depth is liquid (it’s not strange). I think it sounds water and prove the fact that my phonogram is not fake.

It was possible to hear these sounds (water) only in 2014, while time there was no such computer equipment as now what would it be hear. I have a pretty powerful and modern computer with a very good software, so I managed to process this phonogram properly. How do you feel about it this is yours private bussiness.

But be sure to listen to what I did. I believe in that beyond worlds there is purgatory in its most real form. Perhaps back in 1984, people invaded where they were alive there is no way, from where there is no turning back …

Valentin Degtyarev

Water Time USSR �

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