The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Bermudian the triangle is the mystery of the century.

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Bermuda Triangle facts about which for half a century are strong overgrown with fictions of journalists and hypotheses of fans of abnormal phenomena located in the Atlantic Ocean. This conditional plot The Atlantic Ocean begins off the coast of Florida and includes yourself on a map such island territories as Puerto Rico, Bahamas and Bermuda.

The first publications on the disappearance of ships and aircraft in this area appeared in the 50s, however, settled down later the term “Bermuda Triangle,” suggested journalist Vincent Gaddis in 1964. Please note that his article was published in a magazine, dedicated to spiritualism, that is, obviously prone to unreasonable sensations. Map with the Bermuda TrianglePhotos from open sources The most famous case of the disappearance of aircraft in Bermuda the triangle, “which occurred in December 1945, is, so called “departure 19”. It is about the disappearance of the link Avenger torpedo bombers from five aircraft in flight time over the sea. During a hastily organized rescue operation, the seaplane Martin “Mariner” disappeared without a trace. Journalists writing about the Bermuda Triangle often forget to mention the fact that the pilots of the lost plane link were cadets carrying out a training flight, and their instructor (the only experienced pilot on the link) has only recently been transferred to this area didn’t know the area very well. Most likely cause tragedy has become a commonplace human factor – a mistake in navigation, after which the aircraft developed fuel and pilots were forced to make an emergency landing on the sea, ending catastrophically. Regarding the death of the seaplane Martin “Mariner”, then the captain of the tanker, located at that moment in the sea, later claimed to have seen an explosion in the sky, and then oil stain on the water. Everything indicates that the seaplane Martin “Mariner” died as a result of a technical malfunction, leading to an explosion in fuel supply. Another case of a plane crash in The “Bermuda Triangle” occurred in 1965 in the area Bahamas – military transport plane disappeared without a trace Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar with nine crew members. Cases the disappearance of ships in the bermuda triangle more numerous. It is believed that during the 20th century the area about a hundred ships disappeared — about a ship a year. But skeptics tend to blame proponents of Bermuda’s existence triangle “is that some of the disappearances they mention vessels are fictional, as they are not confirmed by official sources, and some did happen outside the borders Bermuda Triangle. A certain part of theories explaining the nature of the “Bermuda Triangle” is clearly unscientific and marginalized. These theories include versions the abduction of crews of ships and aircraft by aliens (UFOs), impact on vehicles from an unknown underwater civilization (Atlantes and others), the presence of space-time portals leading to parallel worlds. But if we talk about UFOs, then there are no photos and videos proving that they are regularly appear in this area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean. Skeptics consider in the Bermuda Triangle (a very large area) passes a large number of shipping routes. Also this the area is considered very difficult to navigate due to the large the number of shallows and frequent storms. Therefore, ships here must disappear more often than usual simply by virtue of probability theory, and for aircraft poor weather conditions are no less dangerous.

A number of versions put forward about the “Bermuda Triangle”, controversial but scientific and imply quick action on ships and crews of certain additional negative factors specific to the area that are difficult fix and predict. These factors include whirlpools, giant killer waves, ocean gas emissions bottom (according to this version, the ships are drowning due to changes in the density of water), and even the crazy crew infrasound (caused by waves). Since the 90s of the XX century, with an increase in reliability and medium ship sizes, as well as progress in navigation systems (including including the appearance of GPS), cases of mysterious disappearance of ships in the “Bermuda Triangle” almost stopped becoming single and not beyond the scope of probability theory.

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