The mystery of the doppelgengers – astral doubles

Even in the Middle Ages, such an anomalous phenomenon was known, like lappelgenger – “walking nearby.” About thirty years ago in The editors of a youth magazine a mysterious incident occurred. In during the lunch break, two employees went for a walk and a side street near an old church was surprised to notice chief editor. Photos from open sources

Believe that in the recent past, an instructor of the Komsomol Central Committee could it was difficult to be interested in church architecture, and nobody in the editors did not see him leaving the building. Under the specious with a pretext, they looked into the office to the main thing – he sat in place, read manuscripts. It turns out that it was his “astral double” ?! At that time already started talking about this mysterious phenomenon … Anger leader. In 1950, something happened in Sochi about which spoke the whole city. In the morning, at eleven o’clock, over the beach on Riviera appeared comrade Stalin. And one, without any protection! White jacket and invariable soft boots, a pipe in hand … Anyone who was on the beach, jumped from sunbeds and pebbles and, as bewitched, froze, staring at the “father of the peoples.” Only a dozen or two tomboys, which, obviously, their parents did not look after, rushed upstairs. We stopped a dozen meters from Stalin, not daring to come closer. The leader looked at them with a smile, then with a wave of his hand he called an ice cream maker who was selling nearby and ordered to distribute all the contents her carts guys. And leisurely retired along the cypress alley. In the evening I learned about all this from my friends from Sochi water polo team. They themselves risked a side approach to Stalin. closer. And everyone drew attention to the fact that in the portraits he is kind, with a smile, and here he is very strict, even gloomy. Tube in his hand apparently went out, because he had never brought it to his mouth. A one of the guys claimed that all the time Stalin was staring unblinkingly one point and his eyes were somehow inanimate, as if frozen Then it didn’t occur to any of us that Stalin wasn’t could appear without protection in a crowded place. On the day he arrived to rest in Sochi, the entire route was closed from the station to the cottage in Matseste. And then suddenly one on the Riviera, and traffic in the city is not overlapped. Twenty years later I had a chance to relax in a sanatorium “Cold River” near the former summer residence of Stalin near Gagra. Billiard room there was a talkative old man Ivan Kuzmich, a retired security officer. is he remembered that story very well. That summer the leader really rested at the Sochi cottage, but, of course, he didn’t go to the city alone. And to him the same day became aware of his “communication with the people.” Someone reported, “go-ahead” in his circle was enough. Joseph Vissarionovich angry, ordered to find the insolent, who dared to arrange outrageous performance. The entire city department of the MGB was raised to their feet, involved agents. Interviewed by hundreds of people however found who is the “insolent” failed. No one saw pseudo-Stalin went to the beach and where he went. According to eyewitnesses, it turned out that he literally arose from the air … And then some kind of smart head came up with a brilliant way out: to report to Stalin, as if there was a “a massive hallucination caused by boundless love for the leader.” Impossible reality Back in the Middle Ages it was known such an anomalous phenomenon as doppelgenger, when the same a person was seen simultaneously in different places. In German, it means “double” or “walking near.” Now parapsychologists call these mysterious phenomena “phantom doubles.” One of the first reliable evidence was left by an English poet of the 16th century John Donn, author of many funny ballads, elegy, epigrams. Once, when the poet was in Paris, appeared in his hotel room wife with a baby in her arms. John did not believe his eyes and hurt pinched himself. But the spouse has not disappeared. She stood for five minutes, silently looking at her stunned husband, and then disappeared. Famous russian poet Prince Peter A. Vyazemsky was a man in his youth unbelievers, and besides openly mocking religion. it continued until he met his double. And this double left the prince with a certain text, that is, a real one, the physical trace of his presence. This story is recorded St. Petersburg Bishop Porfiry (Uspensky) according to the poet himself. “Once at night I returned to my apartment on Nevsky Prospekt, at Anichkov’s bridge, and saw a bright light in the windows of his office. Not knowing why he is here, I enter the house and ask my servant: “Who in in my office? ”The servant said,“ There is nobody there, ”and handed me the key from this room. I unlocked the office, went in there and saw that in at the back of this room, a man sits back to me and something writes. I went up to him and, over his shoulder after reading what was written, shouted loudly, grabbed his chest and fell without feelings; when is woke up, did not see the writer, but took what he wrote, hid it and this time I’m melting, and before death I order to put with me in a coffin and this mystery to my grave. I think I saw myself writing. ” A curious case of the appearance of doppelgenger was associated with English poet George Byron. In 1810, when he, being in Greece, lay with a fit of severe fever, people who knew the poet well, saw him several times in London the streets. Secretary of State Peale wrote to Byron that he was twice in those days met him on Saint-Germain street. Responding to this letter, Byron wrote with his inherent irony, because he himself did not really believe in the reality of their doubles: “I have no doubt that we can – how, this we don’t know – bifurcated: moreover, the question arising from this about which of the twins is currently valid and which is not, imagine for your decision. “Similar appearances of” phantom there are quite a lot of doubles. For example, Theodore Dreiser left a note about a strange incident that happened to him. One of his friends, visiting the writer, promised some unusual to appear to him in the evening of the same day, although he was supposed to leave to another city. After a few hours, Dreiser really suddenly saw a friend at the door of his office. But when amazed writer tried to approach him, double completely disappeared. In 1905, about a meeting with the “phantom double” Member of the British Parliament Sir Gilbert told reporters Parker. Arriving at the next meeting of the House of Commons, he was surprised saw his friend sir frederick karn rash, although he should have to be in bed at this time, because he has a cold. Sir Rush was very pale and looked very ill. During the debate he never moved or changed his position, which was not on him seem to be. During the break, Sir Parker wanted to blame his friend for not protects his health, but could not find it. Worried parker went to his house. And found out that Sir Frederick all day lay in bed with high fever. The mystery of the phantom doubles “Eyewitnesses, of course, mean a lot, when it comes to the reality of a phenomenon such as “phantom”, or, as they are also called, “astral doubles.” But there is another evidence more correct from a scientific point of view. it experiments of scientists. The first serious researcher of the phenomenon was French physician and scientist G. Durville, who in the 20s of XX century conducted secret and strange experiments for that time. In the dark room in the presence of numerous witnesses he introduced a person to hypnotic state and “distinguished” from it its “phantom double, “which was visible, had sensitivity, he himself could to see, hear and perform certain actions is quite adequate responding to requests addressed to him. It happened like this. After Duerville passes and manipulations to the right and left of the hypnotized streams of light arose. Then the stream of light to the right gradually moved to the left and merged with a spruce stream. Thereafter those present observed the appearance of a bright white ray, which as would connect the stream of light and the person himself, and finally, the light the column began to take on very specific forms, becoming very similar to a person put into a state of hypnosis. Durville conducted about a thousand documented experiments, and the effect was always the same, that’s just what is happening in the room obviously not all people saw, but only a few, apparently endowed with a particularly subtle extrasensory perception. But even those who did not see the ghost, felt his presence and heard sounds, which he produced. Durville described the tricks of the “double.” TO for example, he was able at the request of those present to open and close the doors of the closet, press the electric button call, move objects, bring the scales out of rest. But the strengths of the “phantom doubles”, judging by the observations and calculations of Durville, were small, and the weight of each doppelgenger was equal approximately 30 grams. In the experiments of the famous Soviet psychiatrist VL Raikova was involved in a strong psychic who created his visible “phantom double.” At the command of the “master” “double” moved to the next room, where a woman was immersed Raikov in a hypnotic trance. Before that, they had not introduced her to psychic, she did not know what he looked like. When is the test subject asked to describe the appearance of the “astral double”, she is in all described in detail the appearance of the psychic. In addition, women and they changed during the experiments, asked to prick a phantom with a needle, and every time, not knowing about it, the psychic felt pain. Specialist in the field of bioenergy information, Professor A. Chernetsky proved that The “phantom double” has many characteristics of living objects, in particular mass and density. Around him there is also a biofield, registered by devices. American biophysicist R. Krukol believes that such a double is an exact copy of a person, but only consisting of another type of matter. What makes these energy formations “budding” from a person? Famous Researcher and theorist of anomalous phenomena Professor B. Iskakov believes that there are two different possibilities for “highlighting” from the physical body of a person of a part of its energy substance, preserving the original form, which under certain conditions becomes visible. First of all, this is an involuntary exit “double” from the body, for example, under the influence of strong emotions. But they may arise as a result of deliberate actions of the person. All religions have secret techniques that describe how achieve this. They were used by magicians, sorcerers and shamans, doing miracles. According to the latest hypothesis, in the subtle world for a long time or even forever exist energy-information entities that form for themselves a material body in the womb mothers. They maintain feedback with a person throughout his life, and after death through reincarnation are transformed into a new body. But since these entities are endowed with freedom of action, then on a certain period of time can create yourself another one of the same the earth’s shell is a “phantom double”. Why do they do it, is unknown. Article author: Sergey Barsov

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