The mystery of the endangered scottish lake

The mystery of the endangered Scottish lakePhotos from open sources of

Fresh Lake Loch Waa with a picturesque boat house, located near the Scottish city of Avmore, is very a popular tourist attraction but soon all can change.

Over the past few months, the body of water has lost about hundreds of millions of liters of water and no one can explain the reason to this. Since September last year, the water level has dropped one and a half meters here – if this continues on, then the famous lake will simply dry up.

The incident was very worrying not only for specialists in the field of environmental protection, but also local fishermen and boaters. Some say the water company is to blame digging out an artesian well in Avmore a year ago. True scientists do not confirm this version. However, ordinary Scots it is believed that if the water goes somewhere from Loch Waa, then only under the ground.

However, there are such townspeople who are convinced that her some intruders can pump out of here. That’s just that for the fantastic robbers? Maybe representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization? Some ufologists, for example, claim that aliens they steal land, water, and many other natural resources from us. That’s just why in this case they chose Lake Loch Waa for these goals, again a real mystery …


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