The mystery of the sudden appearance of giant domes on the surface of the sea

The secret of the sudden appearance of giant domes on the surface of the sea is revealedA photo from open sources

A group of scientists from the United States found that giant domes on the surface of the sea are the bubbles that occur during an eruption underwater volcanoes. It is reported by

Researchers have placed microphones underwater near the volcano The theologian who belongs to the Aleutian Islands. Part of this The volcano is under water and goes to a depth of 5 kilometers. Earlier in 2017, scientists recorded an incomprehensible infrasound, which, as It turned out later, was the result of the formation of bubbles in the water. Closer to the surface, they significantly increased in size.

Coming to the surface of the water, the bubble forms a huge dome. The underwater gas pocket shrank and expanded repeatedly while finally not destroyed. According to scientists, the largest bubbles reached 440 meters.

At the beginning of the last century (1908), expedition members to the ship Albatross observed huge bubbles near the Aleutian islands. According to eyewitness accounts, formed above the surface the water dome was comparable in size to the American Capitol.

Earlier, scientists at the University of Edinburgh discovered under the thickness ice in Antarctica 47 sleeping volcanoes.

Andrey Vetrov

Water Volcanoes

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