The mystical picture causing fires

The mystical picture causing firesPhotos from open sources of

Do not bring reproductions to your home under any circumstances. paintings “The Crying Boy” by Italian artist Bruno Amadio, best known by the pseudonym Giovanni Bragolin. Except that you can insure your home for a tidy amount of fire, hang there is this mystical copy and move to another place. There is a big the likelihood that the building will burn out, like many other houses, where, according to Unfortunately, reproductions of this mysterious canvas turned out to be.

Far from random fires

A picture depicting a red-haired sullen boy with tears on cheeks surrounded by a real halo of mysticism. There are many documented evidence that any reproduction this canvas is “flammable” and causes a fire wherever it is hung up. At the same time, the “Crying Boy” itself for some reason does not burn, often remaining the only surviving item on the ashes. Above not preserved to this day the original picture, as it is believed, so strong a curse hung that even reproductions cause fires and take away human lives.

A photo from open sources

It all started, probably in September 1985, when the editors the British newspaper “The Sun” addressed spouses Ron and May Halla from Rotherham. The British decided to tell reporters a story that with them happened. According to the couple, she has recently had an outstanding the house burned down, however, it remained on the black charred wall A reproduction of The Crying Boy, almost untouched by the fire. Brother the head of the family worked as a fireman and not only confirmed this information, but also noticed that portraits with a red child are found whole also in other burnt houses.

Employees of the publication conducted their own investigation. It turned out that two months before that one printing plant printed more than fifty thousand reproductions of paintings that are fast dispersed in the working northern regions of England. Journalists found out that during this time there were more than forty fires in the houses where this picture was hanged, and each time the work turned out to be whole, as if the flame consciously did not touch the portrait.

The mystical picture itself does not burn.

An article published by The Sun turned out to be sensational. After reading it, many Britons began to call the publisher, claiming that they also acquired this picture, and they also there were fires. One man said he specifically bought reproduction and tried to burn it in the fireplace, but the portrait, lying an entire hour on fire, not even burned slightly. The hype around the Crying boy’s got so big that the fireman’s representatives Department of South Yorkshire issued an official statement explaining that there is supposedly no mysticism: they say, reproductions printed too much and statistically nothing unusual in that paintings with a sullen child sometimes end up in homes where fires occur.

A photo from open sources

The Sun owners also had to make a statement. Newspapers reported that they were tired of readers’ calls, and agreed that everyone sent them a copy of the picture. In a week the editors were littered with thousands of portraits of “The Crying boy. “Editor Calvin Mackenzie, who turned out to be a man superstitious, demanded that the paintings were quickly destroyed. After some time, the newspaper published a new article in which it was said that all copies received were burned for the city. However, many Britons did not believe it, including because no mass photographs were attached to the article burning pictures.

Almost all fire officials who turned out to be superstitious the picture began to be presented as a comic gift. People, claiming that there is no connection between the portrait and the fires, completely refused such presents. Some said that the picture not suitable for their interior, others claimed that they did not like painting in general, the third did not even state the reasons for their refusal.

Damn picture

The original portrait was painted in the fifties of the last century. According to a common legend, Giovanni Bragolin posed for him own son. An artist whose paternal qualities were quite far from ideal, did not succeed in making the offspring cry, and then he began to burn matches right in front of the boy’s face. A child suffering from a fear of fire immediately burst into tears and shouted at parent: “Yes, so that you yourself burned!” Obviously young the sitter unconsciously sent a curse on his portrait.

A photo from open sources

It is noteworthy that this picture is the most famous of the twenty Seven paintings by Giovanni Bragolin, depicting crying boys. The painter created a series called “Gypsy children”, and all these works of art show young children in tears. It is not known whether the other paintings in this series are damned, however, one thing can be said with accuracy: “Crying boy”, about in question is not as simple as it might seem at first look, and bring his reproduction to your home should not even the most notorious skeptics.

Time Fires

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