The mysticism of a British family where some are born the boys

The mysticism of a British family where only boys are bornA photo from open sources

Scotland resident 37-year-old Alexis Brett for fifteen years gave birth to nine sons. Now she is pregnant again, and an ultrasound scan showed – again boy.

My acquaintances and journalists often ask me, says Brett, I would like to give birth to a girl. Frankly, once, yes, but now – no longer, I don’t even know what to do with it. Why in In this case, I give birth to one boy after another and can not stay? And the reason for such a unique case as ours a large family, is that no matter how my husband and I protected themselves from the conception of a child, this does not help – soon I will again is pregnant. And again – a boy. Some kind of mysticism …

Alexis Brett admitted that after giving birth to the tenth child, will certainly fall on a sterilization operation, since believes that they already have a too big family, which only food requires an expense of a thousand pounds a month, not to mention already about everything else.

A photo from open sources

However, some researchers of such phenomena fear that this may not help the tartan. Mysticism among pregnant women, argue they, no one has yet canceled, and it sometimes manifests itself very masterly, as, say, in the virgin birth, instant appearance the fetus in the last stages of gestation in unaware of its interesting position of women, the mysterious disappearance of the fetus and etc. One can only hope that the Higher Forces determined for this family has only ten boys – and not one more …

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