The negligent husband punished by the shaman has “grown together” with mistress

A negligent husband punished by a shamanA photo from open sources

In the Kenyan capital Nairobi, a very mysterious event occurred. According to African journalists, a negligent spouse is literally fused with her mistress after a jealous wife sent on curse him, turning for help to the powerful to the shaman.

An adulterous couple hiding in a hotel room was literally moved under police escort to a secret the place where another strong sorcerer was supposed to “tear it apart”. Moreover for Kenya, this is, in general, a common occurrence …

According to the wife of the cheater, she had long suspected that her the missus got a mistress, but the woman did not have evidence of this. In the end, when the unfaithful husband again stocked up somewhere, Kenyan went to the shaman, who confirmed her fears, saying that the man at that moment was attached to love joys with another woman. Irate lady asked the sorcerer punish the villain, and then the magician, they say, tightly connected (spliced) libertines.

The video below, shot by someone from onlookers on mobile phone, demonstrates a couple lying in the back of a truck and wrapped in a blanket so that others do not see the nakedness of lovers. At the same time, the woman screams loudly. It’s hard to believe so strong and effective magic can actually exist, especially in these days, however, local newspaper, law enforcement, and themselves the participants in this outlandish incident all claim that the way it is. Kenya is not Europe for you …

However, European and American web users the Internet not only marveled at this occasion, but also expressed (some of them) regret that there is no such practice in civilized world, because it would not hurt to raise morality of modern society.

On the other hand, as other users have noticed, morality from this is unlikely to change for the better, because not the Kenyan man was afraid of the curse of the shaman, in the hope that this bowl will not touch him if the wife does not know anything. So that all this is empty. We have, they say, 70 percent (according to statistics) religious people, i.e. attending church, believing in God, understanding that after death they will appear before his court, nevertheless less this does not prevent such people from stealing, deceiving, impersonating, commit adultery and indulge in other mortals sins …


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