The New Race – Sun Eaters

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That the person did not consume as food – it is always recycled solar energy. It is the sun that gives life plants at the very beginning of the food chain: plants-herbivores-predators-man. Is it possible to eat right away solar energy, bypassing the intermediate links? You will be surprised, but the answer “no” from the lips of scientists does not sound categorical. There are people, for the full existence of which enough sunlight. They are called sun eaters.


Ellen Greve was born in Australia in 1957. Children’s hobby Eastern philosophy, yoga and esoteric later became the basis of life. Ellen was a vegetarian for 20 years, and in 1993 refused physical food. She did not die of hunger. Moreover, Today she leads an active lifestyle, promoting “pranoanal” (they also call their way of eating sun-eaters). She published 18 books, made several travels around the world, during which I read a series of lectures.

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Accepting the name Jasmukhin (eternal fragrance), she founded the Academy of Personal Forces, Space Internet Academy and International Society MAPS Thanks to such overactive public activity, it has become the most famous sun-eater of the planet. Of course, constantly accused of fraud and the desire to cash in on his educational activities. To the great chagrin “whistleblowers”, Jasmukhin is not the only one sun-eater in the world.

Cool jany

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Indian yogi Cool Jani (born 1929) claims that with 11 years of age is powered only by cosmic energy. Twice (in 2003 and 2010) stayed in a scientific center, where he was under medical supervision. 10 days without food and food did not affect his well-being. But much more than fasting (ECA is unseen: 10 days just something!) Doctors were struck by the complete absence of natural departures. For an ordinary person, this is 100% intoxication. organism, entailing clouding of the mind. (Urine expression in the head hit “appeared out of the blue) But the famous 82-year-old the hermit not only does not suffer from dementia, but according to doctors possesses the brain of a 25-year-old person. Every examination was carried out for 2 weeks, after which Jani left the clinic. (Yogi – a free man: wanted – came, wanted – left, no one he doesn’t have a decree.) The question immediately arises: what would be the results, if the sun eater was placed under observation for 5-6 months?

Hira Ratan Manek spent 411 days at the medical center.

Over a year without food

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The Indian Manek began his path to prano-eating in 1962 at the age of 25 years. In 1995, he finally became a sun eater. everyday he is standing barefoot on the ground, not blinking, looking at the sun: 10, 20, 40 minutes – that’s enough for him. After publishing in local scientists from the Ahmedabad Institute arrived at the newspaper multi-purpose therapy asking to donate one year for science. Hira said yes – and voluntarily locked himself in college boxing under the close attention of doctors and video cameras. 411 days he spent one boiled water. On day 412, Hira left the medical box, and left on his own feet, and not on a medical gurney, without losing during the experiment, not a kilogram of muscle mass. Last thing the medical report stated that all health indicators were in normal limits.

Our compatriots

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In the Krasnodar Territory in the village of Kutais, a pensioner Zinaida lives Baranova. Since February 2000, she has not eaten, but in April of that year refused and water. In her house there is no refrigerator, cellar, stocks potatoes and pickles. The village is gasified, but the hostess does not hold gas did not – no reason. There is a stove used only in winter period for heating. In the garden near the house on the beds grow flowers. In Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya lives Nikolai Dolgoruky – a sun eater with 2003, though sometimes allowing himself to indulge in tea with honey. He does not look exhausted by hunger, on the contrary, he feels himself 10 years younger, doing all the hard work around the house. Lives in the pyramid built by him, and there is nothing tastier for him the sunlight of a nascent day.

How many of them?

No one can say this. First of all, because one there is no general image of a sun eater. Some eat just very rarely and very few, others can do without food, but cannot without water. For some, the toilet room is an unnecessary attribute; for others, all organs secretions function normally and regularly (which puts researchers into yet another dead end: where does everything come from?). Various researchers vary the number of sun eaters from a few hundred to several tens of thousands. Hira Ratan Manek states that personally knows 17 people who for more than 5 years do not consume either food or water. But all, first of all, are not concerned with the question “how many are there?”, But “in what’s the secret? ”

Word to Scientists

In the course of the surveys, it was found that in sun-eaters occurs lung transformation: they begin to release water from the air. At pranoedoids slowed breathing and lowered body temperature. Alas, that’s practically all. There are more questions than answers. Some even ready to consider them representatives of a new race that has come to replace to man. But sun-eaters themselves consider themselves all the same people. They are consider that three 3 power channels were inherent in the person initially: through the skin, lungs and stomach. So sun eaters are just restore once lost ability. They believe in future cosmic energy supply will be fundamental to humanity, which will get rid of the heavy duty to work for food. And people will direct the freed time and resources to his spiritual perfection and unity with nature.

Necessary Caution

Although almost anyone can become a sun eater, it’s a long journey, requiring many years of work on yourself and your consciousness. Many of those who tried to reach the top, jumping right over several steps, went to the hospital, and not everyone was saved. Be careful not to repeat their mistakes.

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