The number of people who believe in a flat Earth, is growing

The number of people who believe in a flat Earth is growing.Photo from open sources

The statement that our Earth is not round, but flat, is for many of us seem absurd, but do not rush to laugh at supporters such a theory. Adherents of the Flat Earth Society do not at all say as in antiquity, that it rests on three elephants and so on. They are sure that the Earth is a kind of flat space covered a dome that is something like a spherical monitor, on which all actions with the solar day and moonlit night (there are some other explanations happening over our head).

Everything outside this dome is a mystery and suspense, because our world is a matrix, by whom and why created, nobody knows for sure. And all flights into space, on The moon, Mars and so on, according to supporters of a flat Earth, do not more than fakes, imitation, like a made-up story, falsification with the population of the planet (actually on it is not more than 500 million inhabitants) and many other data.

You will be surprised, but the Society of Flat Earth includes not only limited philistines, as it might seem at first glance, but and prominent scholars and politicians. For example, in flat land believed Hitler, who even managed to look beyond its edge, which today called Antarctica. Among such supporters and Cindy Holland – former NASA leading computer specialist. Today she is together Sarah Cowell from the British county of Worcestershire studies quantum physics, which, like the religious views of these women, help them promote their theory of a flat earth to the masses. And worth notice that around this strange at first glance Society a large team is forming on the Internet, numbering today tens of thousands of people.

A photo from open sources

Researchers at this perplexed by such a high the popularity of this absurd teaching. Another religion sect?..

However, as the sages say, to know the enemy, you need look into his eyes, that is, penetrate his soul, and therefore We invite you to watch interesting video concerning flat earth theory. Someone will find it funny, someone will help to believe in this absurd theory, but to the thinking person will certainly open her eyes to the fact that truth is forever slipping away thread, and that in our world there is absolutely nothing that doesn’t falls under the wisest definition – illusion …

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