The number of six-fingered grows in the Fukushima area babies

In Japan, rumors are circulating that in the regions, subject to radioactive releases from the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant, the hospital does not manage to operate newborn babies born with polydactyly – with extra fingers

According to a post on Facebook, Kanako Nishikats from Fukushima, “in the main hospital of the prefecture in line at an operation to treat polydactyly is already costing more than a hundred people. ” According to the girl, parents are told that their children will be able to do surgery to remove the extra fingers on the arms and legs that appeared, supposedly due to outlier mutations radiation from Fukushima-1, but for this they will have to wait 1-2 of the year.

The number of six-fingered babies is growing in the Fukushima areaA photo from open sources As Nishikata stated in her entry, she does not warrants for the accuracy of this information and states that I heard her from a friend who himself learned about it from a colleague, in her the turn of the news from his friend. Nonetheless japanese notes that her father two years after the catastrophic earthquake increased thyroid gland and although he is by profession roofer and very happy with the large number of orders from restoring affected at home, his state of health is a concern.

Despite the fact that Nishikata’s information about the birth of children with extra fingers did not have reliable sources, they were quickly replicated in Japanese social networks and the media.

According to official data released in late August Fukushima Department of Health, those born in the prefecture with From January 2012 to March 2012, a minor an increase in the number of children with polydactyly – 0.26%. Those born after this The date indicator fell to 0.22%. Normal the indicator of this defect for the Japanese is about 0.1-0.3%.

As the Japanese The Huffington Post notes, most likely information about the huge number of those born with extra fingers in prefectures are unreliable, although it is possible that with In 2011, more than a hundred babies with extra fingers and toes.

A malformation such as polydactyly is often associated with radiation damage suffered by parents. According to the data Research Institute of Hereditary and Congenital diseases of Belarus, after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant frequency newborns with similar defects increased 1.3–2.7 times in unaffected regions and 10-14 times in areas with pollution levels 15 CI / km2. However, the frequency of birth of children with polydactyly is strongly depends on the gene pool of the general population. So, Europeans with similar only one child out of more than 1300 is born a vice, at that time as in blacks, every 143th infant may have extra fingers.

As a rule, most newborns with polydactyly have extra fingers are successfully removed surgically before the age of 15 months, and these operations do not leave scars and any other traces. However, this syndrome may be accompanied by other, more dangerous diseases.


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