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The objects stick to the AmericanPhotos from open sources of

United States resident Jamie Keaton is able to stick to glass and plastic bottles, beer cans, mobile phones, lighters and any other items. Doctors not in able to determine what caused this condition, while The American is proud of his amazing talent. Moreover, this ability allowed a man to earn solid money.

According to a forty-year-old resident of the village of Evergreen Park in Illinois, he discovered this ability for twenty-three years back. As a teenager, Jamie began to shave his head. Summer 1993 years, he went with friends to baseball. The stadium was very hot and Keaton acquired ice water. To cool, he first pressed bottle to the head, however carried away by the game and removed his hand. Suddenly American comrades and fans sitting next to them began to laugh. The teenager did not at first understand the reason for the general fun, but then realized that the bottle literally stuck to his head.

Returning home, surprised Jamie began to experiment with other objects, and they all firmly stuck to his to the head.

It took nearly two decades for an American to realize all the potential benefits of this ability. In Russia, a similar talent would probably be considered stupid and inappropriate, however, in America is different – Keaton managed to become real a celebrity. He began to show improvised performances, then appear on television, meet the stars of the world quantities. American will enter the upcoming edition of the Book of Records Guinness as a person who is capable without improvised means stick the largest amount of tin to your own head cans. As many as six pieces.

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Today, Jamie makes a living visiting as a spectator various activities, after sticking to your head items with advertising on them. Many of us have such a business. will seem stupid and humiliating, but the Americans are completely different people. And so Jamie is able to earn up to thousand dollars on a weekday and up to four thousand on a weekend or holiday, renting a place on his head for rent to advertisers.

Doctors examined Keaton more than once. At first, the doctors thought that the man has sticky skin, however the outer cover, as well as the composition of sebum and sweat were in Jamie’s normal. One gets the impression that his head serves as a real magnet for any items.


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