The performer sang songs for a hundred hours, but never set a record

The performer sang songs for a hundred hours, but never set a recordA photo from open sources

What could be worse than singing songs for a hundred hours and then to know that all this was in vain? With Dominican Artist Carlos Silver recently had just such a story.

Our hero sang in a glass cube for more than four days in a row, to get into the Guinness Book of Records, but in the end representatives of the publication refused to enter his name in the famous reference book of world achievements. Disqualified man nearly lost several times during his speech consciousness, considered such a decision unfair and offensive.

The previous world record of continuous singing was set at 2012 by Indian artist Sunil Wagmar, who managed entertain the audience and the jury for 105 hours. Dominican, who planned to beat this achievement, lasted 106.7 hours, performing over 5000 songs in total! Alas, this incredible the marathon was useless because the agents of the Book of Records Guinness was disqualified by Silver for violation of strict rules.

The fact is that the contractor who wants to establish a similar record, only 30 second pauses are allowed between songs, however Carlos sometimes allowed himself a break lasting up to two minutes. The Dominican does not deny this, however notes that in most cases he did not pause at all and sang one song after another.

The male colleagues analyzed the recording of the entire speech and Estimated that Silver generally spent 107 minutes relaxing less than if he did a half minute between each song a pause. Thus, the singer and his friends are convinced that he is more than compensated for the time spent on respite. Nonetheless, representatives of the publication were adamant and did not recognize record is valid.

It is noteworthy that getting into the Guinness Book of Records is not so simple, and the point here is not only the complexity of achievements. Carlos K for example, spent over 30 thousand dollars for agents handbook arrived in the Dominican Republic and heard it.

After a grueling performance, the 51-year-old man felt so bad that he needed an oxygen pipe to nose and tachycardia injections. The singer assures that for a while lost her voice and almost got to the hospital, however, fortunately, everything cost. Except for the main thing – he never got into the famous book of world achievements …

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