The person has the ability to live five centuries

A person has the ability to live five centuriesPhoto from Open Source Bill Marys, President Investment unit of the famous corporation “Google”, said that, in his opinion, the biological potential of each of us allows us to desire to live five hundred years. He said that the development of biomechanics and constant breakthroughs in medicine will give the person of the future an opportunity live to that age.

According to Marys, Google is currently various startups sponsored in the areas of serious diagnostics diseases and genetics. American stressed that today humanity has all the tools for thorough studies of Homo sapiens organism and maximum extension of term his life.

At one time, Bill Marys studied neurobiology in Duke University. There he began to be interested in projects on prolonging human health. Now the businessman is doing bold the assumption that the right way of life, healthy ancestors and clean the environment is able to allow a person to live only one hundred and twenty years, but then he will certainly need the help of technology.

By the way, last year in New York, an international congress on the problems of the future. Raymond Kurzweil, eminent inventor and futurologist, then said that it would not work and three decades, as a person learns to renew his physical health through implantation of artificial organs, and neurobiology and digital technology will provide the undying work of his brain.

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