The Phantom Family was spotted in the picture. Novorossiysk beach

A photo from open sources

British user of the famous map service “Google Maps” examined the pictures of Novorossiysk and unexpectedly noticed something strange in a random photograph.

Mysterious frame depicts the deserted sandy coast of Black the sea, covered with beach umbrellas, fungi. Weather during shooting obviously was bad, so it’s not surprising that the place for the rest of the New Russians and guests of the city at that moment was empty. However, this shot probably says the opposite.

A photo from open sources

The user explains that three people were captured by the water, looking like a woman, boy and girl. Of course, it would be logical suggest that a mother with children came to the beach, however the author finds otherwise. He draws attention to the fact that all three the shapes are blurry and translucent, like some kind of phantoms. That is exactly what the British finally considered: in Russian the real immigrants from parallel to us world.

Skeptics will probably find this logical explanation. To this, to some extent, the resident hopes The United Kingdom, which frankly admits that this the picture haunts him, and he posted it on the Web just because what he wants to understand is really something paranormal or some kind of crash in the program? ..

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