The phenomenon of distortion of the passage of time and time loops

The phenomenon of distortion of the passage of time and timeA photo from open sources Academician Sakharov in his work “The multi-sheeted model of the Universe” and some other articles, devoted to the properties of curved space, recognized that Along with the observable Universe, there are many others. parallel worlds these days are already widely recognized. And infiltrate there you can, “puncture” the space with a powerful energy blow, which probably happened with the famous “Elridge”. But like “punctures” of the space-time continuum can occur not only as a result of exposure to electromagnetic and gravitational fields. Often, similar phenomena occur when carrying out nuclear explosions.

Here is the testimony of the military builder S.A. Alekseenko, who worked at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site under the leadership of General Vertelov. Military builders each time restored the destroyed next nuclear explosion engineering structures. Once, in the summer of 1973, explosive device located in the well at three kilometer deep, it worked with a great delay: just at that moment, when the builders approached the well itself.

Alekseenko describes his feelings in this way:

“I felt my leg freeze in empty space. Something lifted me, the general and Ivanov, who were in front, suddenly turned out to be lower and some diminished. Seemed to be the whole globe disappeared … Then from somewhere below came a heavy, pretentious sigh, and I found myself at the bottom of a ravine. Ivanov disappeared, and Konstantin Mikhailovich I was on the edge of the cliff, I saw him as if through a huge lens: enlarged several times. Then the wave subsided, we all again stood on a flat surface that shook like jelly … Then as if the door to another world slammed shut, the trembling stopped, the earth’s ground froze, and again I felt the force of gravity … ”

The subjective description of what is happening is very similar to separation the etheric “double”, which in itself is one of ways to move into parallel spaces. Candidate A. Sviyash technical sciences gives the following description of the etheric body, which is often called the “double” or “double” of the physical body:

“The first subtle body – the etheric or energetic body person. This body is an exact copy of the physical body. It precisely repeats its silhouette, going beyond its limits by 3 – 5 cm.

This subtle body has the same structure as the physical body, including its organs and parts. It consists of a special kind matter called ether. The ether is intermediate between the dense matter of which our world consists, and even more subtle than ethereal types of matter. In principle, in the eastern tradition, the etheric body does not belong to the subtle bodies, but is considered kind of our dense body.

The bodies of many entities are composed of etheric matter, mention of which we meet in fairy tales and in mystical literature. it ghosts, brownies, various kinds of underground inhabitants – gnomes, trolls, etc. ”

According to researcher V. Yartsev, the etheric body binds cells organism with energy and information into a single harmonious whole. IN besides ethereal, well studied by scientists also astral and mental bodies. So, Professor E. Borozdin notes the presence of these bodies in a huge number of objects: from unicellular to mammals.

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As for the story of Alekseenko, then, as notes Researcher of anomalous phenomena I. Tsarev, description of optical effects are very similar to the curvature of light rays and space. As a rule, with this phenomenon, curvature space leads to “contact” with parallel worlds. To that same, the theory of N.A. Kozyrev already mentioned by us, connected thermonuclear reactions in the sun with the energy of the flow of time.

From which we can conclude that nuclear reactions, arising from explosions cause a change in the course of time, which in turn leads to a change in everything space-time continuum. Space and time are bent, and as a result, a hole forms in our world, through which is possible contact with parallel worlds, as well as with the past and future. It is not by chance that the military of all countries celebrate their presence on UFO nuclear test sites, shortly before the explosions.

And Alekseenko recalls an unusual disease, which time from time to time happened with the workers of the Semipalatinsk test site and which was dubbed “the disease of Dr. Zharov.” Exploring animals in mostly sheep exposed to near nuclear the explosion, Dr. Zharov came across a strange effect reminiscent of some phenomena of Indian yogis. Part of the animals as if fell out of life for several days – did not breathe, did not move, but then suddenly it rose and continued to live, as if nothing had happened. The sheep, of course, could not tell about their feelings. But the same the very beginning began to happen with the workers of the landfill.

Similar cases with people no no no all human history. One such case that occurred in one from the deaf villages of the Northern Urals during the reign of Khrushchev, describes, according to the witness, S. Demkin:

“In one village, the local Komsomol leader Mikhail, the instructor of the local district committee of the Komsomol, “received a signal” that everything the icons from the closed church were taken home, and the main thing, “prayed,” took old Alevtina. And now everyone goes to pray to her if someone in the family is seriously ill. Moreover, they say the icon helps better than any medicine.

Of course, to pass by such a “blatant obscurantism” was not allowed. Komsomol members went in agony to old people, and Mikhail demanded “return the loot.” Alevtina begged to leave her icon, but the Komsomol leader was adamant. Finally she with tears gave “prayed” and asked not to defile her, but to convey to the museum of local lore. Literate was an old woman.

The team spent the night at the school there, and when they flooded in the evening oven, Michael decided to send “this junk” into the fire. – He opened the oven door, took the icon and already started moving to throw it like suddenly froze, – Yakov Ivanovich recalled. – At first we didn’t got it. Someone said: “Throw what you expect” But Michael was silent, frozen in a strange pose, as if in a children’s game. It was going on with him something incomprehensible: eyes are bulging, on the face – half smile, half grimace. And neither arm nor foot move can.

All our attempts to bring him to life did not lead to anything. It was not even possible to remove the icon from the hands. Then we carried Michael to freshly heated bath, stripped somehow, but a shirt and a T-shirt because of the icon could not be removed. So they put it together with the icon. They gave in to the park and began to cool with brooms. No sense. Only the icon fell out of his hands. In order not to interfere, she was thrown under shop.

At dawn, they wrapped our Mikhail in a sheepskin coat, loaded into one and a half and was taken to the district hospital. And from there, since local doctors could not help him with anything, – already at some Medical Institute. ”

According to one version, this was a typical case. remote energy information impact of an old woman who I felt that the icon was in danger. But there is another the version that M. Hope prompted me to. Researcher believes that the distortions of the space-time continuum directly related to the violation of the Higher Laws of Cosmos, i.e. with that what we call evil.

In this case, an action aimed at violating these Laws led to a distortion of the time field around the person and as a result – to its temporary or partial “loss” from our time.

Apparently, the prayed icon was strong enough energy potential to “correct” distortions space-time in our world, i.e. to fight evil. therefore any aggression (i.e. manifestation of evil) in relation to the icon was met with retaliatory measures: as a true “keeper” icon tried to remove this evil from our space-time.

It is known that a similar incident occurred with one girl in 1956 in Kuibyshev, when, after disrespect for icon of Nicholas the Ugodnik and the statement: “If there is God, let him me will punish, “an unimaginable noise rose in the room, a whirlwind appeared and the lightning flashed (distortion of space-time) and the girl “petrified”, i.e. “dropped out” of our time for 128 days.

The phenomenon of “distortion” of the real course of time is often observed when all kinds of contacts with UFOs and essences of parallel worlds. In the time of such contacts are also possible phenomena of partial “loss” from our time. Here is an opinion on this subject by recognized authority in field of ufology (UFO science) Doctor of Technical Sciences V. Azhazhi:

“A lot of facts have accumulated abroad and in our country, suggesting that in some cases unidentified flying objects, flying or hovering over people or animals, able to cause temporary paralysis of their motor system, which usually goes away after the UFO leaves … ”

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This proves once again that no matter what the problem is UFO, it, however, directly indicates the ability of these objects to change the course of time. It is no accident that UFO landing sites Researchers note the difference in chronometer readings. Similar experiments were carried out, for example, by professor A.V. Zolotov, who recorded acceleration of time with a conventional marine chronometer.

A similar thing can happen with the manifestation of poltergeist. Here what story A. Kardashkin leads – an expert of the Ecology Association unknown “about one of the recognized authorities in the field of abnormal phenomena – I.Mirzalise:

“… Mirzalis is professional. In July 1990, there was a case, when there was a conversation with people who experienced the horror of a poltergeist. The conversation was friendly, disposing … but when one of survivors of the adventure stood up to leave the table, Mirzalis glanced at the wristwatch and automatically noted in his notepad time “20.10” … He left, and the conversation continued in the same calm spirit. Soon after 15 minutes, he returned. Igor Vladimirovich Mirzalis again looked at the dial and put in Notepad: “20.10”. At first he did not notice a strange coincidence; but then, returning home, when I compared the numbers on different pages of a notebook, for a long time I checked the progress of my watch with blinking lights electronic scoreboard over the entrance to the tunnel. His watch went fine!”

Another similar but no less interesting case related to “squeeze” and time describes a resident of Moscow D. Davydov:

“Sometime in the spring of 1990, I called my friend, who lived from me at a bus stop, and offered to go take a walk. Agreed to meet at my entrance. Like now I remember it was exactly two in the afternoon. After hanging up, I immediately left at home, so as not to sit in the apartment, but to breathe air in the yard. Literally at that moment I saw that my friend was coming to me towards. But this could not be, because, as I said, he lived quite far from me!

I moved towards him, when suddenly a flash of light blinded me, and blinking, I saw that I was in the yard alone.

Not understanding what was happening, I got on the bus and drove to a friend myself. He opened the door for me and said in surprise: “Well, you’re just like reactive plane! just called, and already – here! Like this you did it?”

I looked at the watch – it was exactly 2:00 pm, although, according to my feelings, about forty minutes have passed since my call. Maybe u Are the watches behind me? But, then, the friend’s watch also lags behind, because they also showed two. So I still don’t know where those forty minutes have disappeared … ”

In both cases, a distortion of the course of time was noted, which often accompanies all sorts of abnormal phenomena. Can imperceptibly for myself for a short period of time be very close and similar, but still parallel reality, and then also quietly return. During such “travels” upon returning to one can find one’s reality at almost the same point in time flow and thus for the “traveler” subjectively appears “extra” time.

But sometimes it happens that time describes a certain “loop”, i.e. his the distortion becomes so strong that it begins to manifest the phenomenon of “doubles.” A person can see himself committing some action, and then, after a while, see the same the event itself is now through the eyes of its “double”, while exchanging places with him.

It happens almost as the famous science fiction writer Stanislav Lem in Iyon the Pacific Star Diaries with only one significant difference – in the work of the writer the “temporary loop” was formed as a result of exposure to the “black holes “and this is already allowed by modern science. How similar can occur in terrestrial conditions? A definite answer to this question does not exist yet.

Nevertheless, similar cases, although they occur sufficiently rare, but still not an exception to our world. It is known that the famous German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in 1771 met on the road to Drusenheim his double, riding on horseback to meet him. Double was dressed in a gray and gold coat, which Goethe did not have. But eight years later, he returned to his native places in just such a the coat that he saw on his double.

Here’s how another such incident in 1975 describes. year, a resident of the city of Nytva, Perm Region V. Savintsev, a former in those times a student at Perm University: “… Once late in the evening, my friend Alexander is a student of another faculty, and our him mutual friend Igor walked around the city with the intention of “reading” three “monographs”. In our jargon, it meant drinking three bottles pretty lousy wine. To do this, we decided to go to Igor, who lived nearby. And then suddenly some strange apathy. I refused to go with comrades. Despite their persuasion, I jumped into the approached trolleybus and drove to his dormitory.

And then an unprecedented thing happened: when approaching the house, where in the apartment Igor was renting a room on the ground floor; friends saw light in the window! This surprised Igor, as the only key to the room was him with him, and no one could go in without him. He left in the afternoon, and remembered well that the light was off. Young man grabbed for the windowsill and, pulling himself up, looked into the room. In a second he he cried out, jumped to the ground, and stared dumbfounded at Alexander.

“There, there, you, you just look what’s there,” muttered in horror he. My friend looked out the window and also came in indescribable amazement. and horror. In the room at the table sat … he and Igor! Their doubles looked like an exact copy of the guys and were dressed like them. At they held glasses of wine in their hands and talked about something, but no words were heard. Then both doubles looked at the window, laughed, raised glasses in greeting and drank wine …

Alexander was also shocked by what he saw. The friends ran away from an incredible sight. They walked the streets for a long time and discussed what happened. Finally, both came to the conclusion that they all it seemed. The hallucination of one was transmitted to another – that’s all. Encouraged by this idea, they again went to the apartment where Igor lived. This time there was no light in the window of his room. They carefully entered an apartment. The door to Igor’s room was locked.

Friends entered the room and turned on the light. Nobody. It’s theirs reassured. They took out bottles, poured wine into glasses, drank and, sitting at the table, continued the conversation about that incredible hallucination. And then Igor jokingly said: “Or maybe these of our doubles are now clinging to the windowsill and looking at us? “Both looked at the window, laughed and, raising their glasses in greeting, drank wine. Alexander dumbfounded: he realized that now they have exactly repeated the actions their doubles seen in the window! ”

Well, as for the “loss” (partial or complete) from our space-time, something like this, as we recall, has already happened with some members of the Elridge crew who “dropped out of real time course. ”

A photo from open sources

This is how Bob describes the Philadelphia experiment Frissell:

“Whatever the results of the Philadelphia experiment, he really took place in real life and was carried out US Navy in 1943. Used for this warship USS Eldridge. Scientists wanted to make this ship invisible to the radar, and not completely invisible. During experiment colors vary from red to orange, yellow and green (remember the characteristic noted by the witnesses of the experiment “green fog” – note. author).

It doesn’t take too long, but to reach a different phase the experimenters failed. This is about the same as raising jet plane a few meters above the ground and then switch off the engine. In other words, the experiment instantly failed. The warship with the whole crew disappeared from view of about four o’clock. When he appeared, some of the crew members were literally pressed into the deck, two were found in compartments, some were not found at all, and the rest alternately dematerialized, now materialized again. It goes without saying that all survivors were completely disoriented. ”

But the failure of the experiment did not stop the American military in Another attempt was made in the 80s (Montouk Project), which spawned a temporary loop and connected two experiments putting it together: “Two of the team members rushed into the water in the hope of get to sushi by swimming. And they really ended up on land, but not in Philadelphia, but in Long Island (in a district of New York) in 1983 year. They “floated out” precisely at this time, since then conducted a similar experiment, called The Montouk Project. He was associated with the Philadelphia Experiment 1943 year. These two were brothers, their names are Duncan and Edward. Camerons.

Both experiments were carried out on August 12. Judging by the words of Al Bilek (claiming his real name is Edward Cameron and that he is one of those two who rushed into the water from the ship USS Eldridge), there are four biofields on our planet, and all of them peak intensity every twenty years (1943, 1963, 1983 etc.), it is August 12th. This leads to the fact that the magnetic energy also peaks at this time. This energy enough to create a hyperspace field and so that in 1943 a warship entered this space. ”

And here’s another piece of evidence about the Philadelphia experiment, which got American mathematician and astronomer Morris Jessup in 1956 from the physicist C. Allende, a former “friend of a friend” A. Einstein: “Maybe you’ll be interested in the theory of a single field really developed by Einstein in the 20s. But he rejected her for moral reasons; the results scared him … Despite this, the calculations made on its basis by my friend Frenklinom Renault, were realized and paid off in terms of physical phenomena …

The result of the experiment was the complete invisibility of the military the ship over which it was conducted, and its entire crew. The field used was in the form of a spheroid flattened at the poles and stretched a hundred yards overboard. Persons who were inside the field, they saw each other like blurry silhouettes, but not outside nothing was visible. Today very few people from that crew. Most are crazy. One just walked through the wall apartments in front of his wife, child and two comrades and then disappeared. Several people are still in this field, where everyone can get help from his comrades if he suddenly “gets into emptiness “.” To fall into the void “means to become invisible to all regardless of their will. The only salvation is quick touching other people and instantly turning off the field.

When someone “fell into the void” during the experiment, his body and his face seemed to become stiff and really icy, – a man there it actually freezes. Defrosting lasts for several hours, people succeed one another, and, becoming visible, gaining normal mass and weight, most go crazy … Those to whom consciousness came back, argued that such a state is the worst that can happen to a person in this world. ”

At the end of the letter, Allenda indicated his naval number and the names of people, involved in the experiment. All these facts leaked at the end. ends in the official seal. It is no coincidence that the US military appropriated $ 2 million to refute all facts associated with the “Philadelphia experiment.” And money is like it’s known that they don’t just throw them in the wind. And smoke without fire is not it happens.

However, most likely, “falling out of the real course of time” in this case is not related to moving in parallel space, and with movement to a certain curvature zone space-time continuum, in a kind of “temporary bag”, “black hole” where even time does not exist. D.Andreev described in “Rose of the World” a similar place in the Universe as the very “bottom” of the lower worlds of hell, a kind of “dump of the universe”, where space and time collapse to a point. This is the very first, starting point ascending spiral of evolution.

Similar to the “Philadelphia”, illiterate experiments with time lead to the fact that in our three-dimensional space-time channels of communication with the one-dimensional world open “universal dump”, even bypassing the two-dimensional worlds of inorganic entities.

The essence of the upward spiral of evolution is to move to multidimensional consciousness, to dwelling in multidimensional realities higher worlds. The path of degradation leads to a fall in two one-dimensional demonic worlds of hell.

Now it becomes clear why A. Einstein destroyed his provisions of general field theory and came to the end of his life to deep and genuine faith in God. He understood the danger of such experiments for humanity that could lead to its complete degradation. The path to the higher worlds lies through the creation of the inner, and not an external “time machine”.

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