The phenomenon of insight

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When you read about amazing instances of insights, it’s hard to say that these are dreams, hallucinations or clairvoyance. Analysis what is happening here is useless – there were no and could not be, the people themselves who have experienced this are unable to explain anything. They are only able to tell. Sometimes told after the event happened, and then the story can be perceived as a mistake memory (at best) or as a conscious lie. Examples which I will give here exclude such explanations.

During the American Revolution, President George Washington saw the future of a great nation, and this encouraged and supported him. This Anthony Sherman described the story as General Washington himself told him. Then it was published in various publications. Once, on a cool winter day of 1777, with a cloudless sky and bright by the shining sun, General Washington remained alone at home for all afternoon. When he came out, he looked pale and shocked, and Sherman thought that Washington really wanted tell him something that excited him. “I do not know,” he began his the story – is it caused by the anxieties of my soul or anything else, but this afternoon, when I sat at this table, making up a dispatch, something became very disturbing to me. Looking, I saw standing in front of me is an unusually beautiful woman. I was very surprised, because he gave a strict order not to bother me. therefore only a few moments later I was able to ask her about her reason visit. The second, third and even fourth time I repeated my question but received no answer from my mysterious visitors. She opened her eyes wider. This time i felt something strange. I would get up, but the look of this creature made my intention impossible. I tried again to contact her, but my tongue became dumb. Even the thought itself seemed to be paralyzed. Unfamiliar influence, mysterious, mighty, irresistible, took possession of me. All I could do was not looking up and bewildered to look at my unknown visitor. Gradually, the surrounding atmosphere began to fill with strength and radiant light. Everything around me began to discharge itself the mysterious guest has become more airy and, however, more distinct to my vision than before. I started to feel like a dying person or rather experience sensations that like me sometimes imagined accompany a cessation of life. I do not think. I did not argue. I did not move, all this was equally impossible. I only realized that I was looking intently and perplexed by the visitor. Then I heard a voice saying: “Son of the Republic, watch and learn,” while my visitor raised her hand to the east. I now saw heavy white steam that at a certain distance from me rose in clubs. This steam gradually dispersed, and I saw a strange scene. Lay before me uncovered on one vast plain all parts of the world – Europe, Asia, Africa and America. I saw how worried, raged between Europe and America shafts of the Atlantic Ocean, and between Asia and America lay the Pacific Ocean. “The son of the republic,” said the same mysterious voice, as before, watch and learn. ” for a moment I saw a dark shadow creature like an angel, standing or rather hovering in the air between Europe and America. Scooping water from the ocean into the palm of each hand, he sprayed a little water to America from his right hand, and from his left hand he sprayed water on Europe. Immediately clouds rose from these continents and merged into one cloud in the middle of the ocean. For some of time, it remained unchanged and then slowly moved towards west until it reached America with its dark clubs. Sometimes in sharp flashes of lightning appeared on him, and I heard suppressed moans and the screams of the American people. The second time an angel scooped up water from ocean and sprayed it, as before. The dark cloud has moved back to the ocean and its billowing waves disappeared from sight. Third time i hear a mysterious voice saying: “Son of the Republic, look and learn. “I turned my eyes to America and saw villages and cities, arising one after another while the whole country is from the atlantic and The Pacific Ocean did not become dotted with them. And again I heard the mysterious voice: “Son of the republic, the end of the century is coming, look and learn.” At the same time, an angel, like a dark shadow, turned his face into a book, and I saw that from Africa a sinister ghost was approaching our country. He was advancing slowly, on every big and small city of her. Residents lined up in battle ranks against each other, and I continued look and saw a bright angel, over whose forehead rested a crown from the light on which the word “Union” was inscribed. This angel carried the American flag that he set between a divided nation, and said, “Remember, we are brothers.” And instantly residents, dropping weapons, became friends and again united around the national the banner. And again I heard a mysterious voice saying: “Son republics, watch and learn. “In this case, a dark, shadow-like angel put the pipe to his mouth and blew three separate sounds, and, scooping up water from the ocean, he sprayed it on Europe, Asia and America. Then my eyes saw a terrible sight: from each of these continents rose thick black clouds that soon connected into one. And throughout this mass, dark red the light in which I saw hordes of armed people they moved together with the cloud, walked on the earth and sailed on the sea to America, the earth which was shrouded in this cloud. And foggy, I saw that these huge armies devastated the whole country and burned villages, small and big cities that I previously saw emerging. When my ears heard the thunder of cannons, the clatter of swords, the cries and cries of millions in mortal battle, I again heard a mysterious voice saying: “Son of the Republic, watch and learn.” When the voice fell silent, dark a shadow-like angel put a pipe to his mouth and blew for a long time and scary. Instantly the light shone from a thousand suns below to the top in front of me and pierced and tore a dark cloud that enveloped America. At the same moment, an angel over whose head everything the word “Union” still shone and which carried the national flag in one hand and a sword in another, descended from heaven, surrounded by legions of white spirits. They immediately joined the inhabitants of America, whom I saw almost defeated, but who immediately perked up again, joined their torn ranks and resumed the battle. And again Amid the terrible noise of the battle, I heard a mysterious voice saying: “Son of the Republic, watch and learn.” When the voice was silent, angel like a shadow, scooped up water from the ocean for the last time and sprayed her to America. Instantly a dark cloud curled up, along with the armies it brought, leaving the inhabitants of the country victorious. Then again I saw villages, small and large cities, emerging where I saw them before, while the white angel, setting the azure banner he brought exclaimed in a loud voice: “While the stars abide and the heavens send dew to the earth, until the Union will continue. “And, having removed from his forehead the crown on which the word “Union” was written, he placed it on the banner, and the people, kneeling, he said: “Amen.” The picture immediately became fade and fade, and in the end I saw nothing but the rising and swirling steam that I saw at first. When he also disappeared, I again faced a mysterious visitor, who, in the same voice as before, said: “Son republic, what you saw is interpreted as follows: Three great dangers await the republic. The worst will be the third, passing through which, even when united, the whole world cannot overcome it. May every child of the republic learn to live for their God, their country and Union. “With these words, a vision disappeared and I jumped out of my chair and felt that I had there was a vision in which birth, progress and US Destination. “General Washington’s Vision Consistent the era in which he lived. The main content of the vision, drawing three great crisis in the life of America, or rather a nation that has not yet been created – exciting and amazing. Civil War of the North with The South, which was almost a hundred years after Washington, is indicated in the second crisis that he saw. And the third crisis? No showers mind the tragedy of September 11, 2002? “The worst will be the third (danger. – V.A.), passing through which, even when united, the whole world cannot overcome it. “Time will tell … Next the enlightenment, which was of crucial importance for the countries of Europe, was Carl Gustav Jung in October 1913, that is, about ten months before the outbreak of World War I. Here is his story. “… Autumn 1913 was approaching, and the pressure I felt before, now, it seemed, was outside, in the air itself – something gloomy and heavy. It was not so much my own psychological situation, how much is reality surrounding me. This feeling of mine intensified. In October, when I traveled alone, I had an unexpected vision. I dreamed a monstrous stream that covered all the northern lands. He extended from England to Russia, from the North Sea to the foot of the Alps. When is he began to approach Switzerland, I saw that the mountains are growing higher and higher, as if protecting our country from him. Terrible acted out catastrophe. I saw mighty yellow waves, they carried debris some objects and countless corpses. Then all this sea became blood. The vision lasted about an hour. I was confused, I became bad, and I was ashamed of my weakness. Two weeks passed and the vision repeated. It was even more bloody and scary. A certain an inner voice said to me: “Look, it will be so!” Winter someone asked me what my forecast for the near future is. I answered, that I have no predictions, but that I have seen streams of blood. This vision did not leave me. I asked myself if this vision is possible foreshadowed some revolution, but could not imagine nothing like this. Therefore, I decided that this applies only to me and that I’m facing psychosis. The thought of war did not occur to me. Soon after, in the spring and early summer of 1914, I was thrice dreamed the same dream – about how suddenly in the middle of summer arctic cold sets in and the whole earth is covered with ice. So i saw lorraine with its canals frozen and completely deserted. All rivers and lakes were covered with ice. All that has gone before green, numb and dead. I had this dream in April and in May and for the last time in June 1914. Third time to me again dreamed of a fatal universal cold, but this time the dream had unexpected ending. I saw a tree blooming but barren. (My tree of life – I thought.) And then its leaves in the cold suddenly turned into a sweet grape full of healing juice. I narwhal berries and gave them to some people who seemed to be expecting this. IN late July 1914 I was invited by the British Medical the congress association in Eberdeen where I was supposed to read a report “On the meaning of the unconscious in psychopathology.” I’ve been waiting all the time something that was about to happen: I knew that kind of dreams and visions are sent by fate. My then condition, haunted my fears made me think that there is something fatal in what I have to say now about the meaning of the unconscious. On the first of August the world war began. I saw my task to try to understand what happened and how much mine own condition was due to a certain collective spirit. First of all, I needed to understand myself. I started by saying made a list of all the fantasies that came to my mind … This there was a continuous stream of fantasy, and I did my best not to get lost in order to somehow figure it all out. I was completely helpless, it seemed I could not cope with this a stream of alien images. I lived in constant tension; sometimes it was as if giant stone blocks were falling upon me. One storm followed another. Will I be able to physically endure that which destroyed others, that undermined Nietzsche, and in due time – and Gelderlin. But there was a certain demon in me, from the very beginning suggesting that I should get to the point of my fantasies. I have there was a feeling that a certain higher will directed me in this the destructive stream of the unconscious that she supported me and ultimately gave me the strength to handle. ”Jung records his dreaming and has a long dialogue with the unconscious, trying unravel its hidden meaning. Sometimes he succeeds. For instance, when he dreams of Siegfried – the hero of the German-Scandinavian epic, myths and the German “Songs of the Nibelungs.” In the dream of Siegfried occurs at the edge of the cliff, racing at a frantic speed on a chariot of the bones of the dead. Jung dreams that he is killing Siegfried. Waking up he puzzles, unraveling the meaning of a dream – and finds a clue: she was in what was happening in the world. Siegfried embodied what Germany wanted to achieve – to impose on the world its will, its heroic ideal. The dream showed that the heroic attitude is more not valid. – And Siegfried must be killed “… And in a dream the symbol of fascist Germany is collapsing. No one has succeeded yet. rush far away on a chariot from the bones of the dead … Most incredible images arose in his fantasies – the dead, with with moving fingers, snakes, dwarfs in caves, characters from myths Ancient Greece and the Bible, blacks, Indians … He stubbornly explores unconscious, this terra incognita, the discoverer of which he was. Ironically, he, a psychiatrist, met every step of the way. the very material that underlies psychoses and with which you can run into a madhouse. This is a world of unconscious pictures and images that led the mentally ill to fatal insanity. Jung began to feel horror at the fantasies that gripped him, he afraid to lose control of himself, to become his prey unconscious. The fulcrum for him in “this world” was his family and work, they were a quiet haven to which he could always to return. “My family and my work,” he wrote, “always remained the safe reality of my life and a kind of guarantee that I am normal and that I really exist … When I I look around and sort through the memory of everything that happened to me then, when I recorded my fantasies, it seems to me that it was the message is a kind of order. There was something about these images that didn’t concern only me. Insights or revelations from above? Their mystery is not solved as well as the mysterious predictions of their own doom by some poets. Where did they appear in their works? ..

In a duel between Lensky and Onegin, Pushkin predicted his death. IN the poem “Worker” predicted the end of Gumilyov: Bullet, them cast, sweep Over the gray-haired foamy Dvina, Bullet cast by him, will find My Breast, she came for me … Lermontov in a poem “June 1831, 11 days” wrote about his fate: I foreknowled my lot, my end, And sadness is an early seal on me; And how I’m tormented only the Creator knows; But the indifferent world should not know. And not forgotten I will die …………………. A bloody grave awaits me, A grave without Prayers and without a cross, On the wild shore of the roaring waters And under the foggy heaven … A bloody grave awaits me, A grave without prayers and without a cross, On the wild shore of the roaring waters And under the misty sky …

Predict his fate and the priest Pavel Alexandrovich Florensky. Remembrance of the insight or revelation of God he recorded in a diary in 1923, and it happened in the summer of 1899, when there was no thought that he would become a priest. Inspiration Undoubtedly suggested a choice of life path. called out. IN a completely distinct and loud voice was heard in the air, calling twice my name: “Paul! Paul!” – and nothing more … He expressed directly and precisely, just what I wanted to express was an appeal. “Father Paul denies both the possibility of auditory hallucinations and the fact that it was a coincidence that someone else behind the fence called out twice. “The voice was neither male nor female,” he writes. – It was a call to faith in God, to the dedication of his whole life. serving Him. “A little earlier he describes his amazing state, dream – not a dream, waking vision – is possible. In general, something close to a prophetic dream or hallucination, predicting the distant a future that will begin to come true in 34 years. Namely: the arrest, life of prisoners in Solovki and execution on December 8, 1937. Record the diary was made December 20, 1923, ten years before arrest: “… I remember a very difficult night for myself. It is to this day vividly stands in my feeling, however there are no words to tell, in what was the matter because there are no images. There wasn’t and wasn’t then despite the shocking power of the experience itself. I clearly remember the whole exterior: his room in the outbuilding of our house, with white bare walls, according to my taste, high, with huge windows right on the long balcony, the outbuilding in which she was. I remember huge wall cupboards made of unfinished ash, in which were my personal belongings, books, papers and devices, and two huge ash trees tables occupying an area of ​​almost the entire large room .; On them I studied and experimented, I built devices for myself on them. TO An English vise with an anvil was screwed onto one of the tables, and in a drawer lay tools and carpentry. Transfer the rest of the room’s inventory is now short-lived: it’s wooden an ottoman with my bed, a chair and an inkwell on the table. I was any thing in my room is unbearable, and especially – on the table, even a book. So here. I slept in this room. Windows and the doors were wide open. Judging by the fact that with my mind’s eye I do not I see none of the house, probably they have already left for the cottage. I was asleep deep sleep, like fainting, so even there were no dreams, or, in any case, they were forgotten even before awakening. But correspondingly strong was the feeling, more correctly, mystical experience of darkness, non-being, conclusion. I felt myself in hard labor, maybe in mines – did not see myself in such condition, and only had an extremely significant consequence of it for inner life, – felt as if it were in such the mine. Applying terms that I have not yet used, I would say: this is an ugly and inexpressible experience that shocked I, like a blow, was mystical, and, moreover, in its purest form. I experienced great suffering, which overwhelmed me, although not here there were no accountable reasons to be aware of his death and his death. It was like the feeling of being buried alive when he lies entire miles of black impenetrable earth. It was darkness before which the darkest night seems light, the darkness is thick and heavy, – truly Egyptian darkness: it enveloped me and caught. There was a feeling that now no one will help, none of those whom I used to count on as something unshakable and tame, does not come to me, does not even know about me. I also felt powerless all their interests, activities. Not that it appeared any doubt about the correctness or incorrectness of physics and everything else, even in nature itself. No, it all just remained on the other side of something impassable to me, it became unreasonable, devoid of any vital significance, rags, which you will neither praise nor condemn in agony. With a sharp, not no doubt convincing, I felt powerless all that occupied me until then, in that area new to me the darkness where I got. Here are your needs, your sufferings. Obviously there must be both your means and your joys. Direct I searched for them with a feeling, but didn’t find them, rushed to the exits, but ran into walls and got confused in dungeons and passages. By me hopeless despair seized and I realized the final the inability to get out of here, the final isolation from the world visible. At that moment, the subtlest ray that was not that invisible with a light, not that inaudible sound, brought the name – God. It has not been neither sowing nor rebirth, but only news of a possible light. But in this news was given hope and at the same time stormy and sudden the consciousness that – or death, or – salvation by this name and no to others. I did not know how salvation could be given, nor why. I do not understood where I got and why everything earthly is powerless here. But facing a new fact appeared to my face, as incomprehensible as indisputable: there is an area of ​​darkness and death, and there is salvation in it. This fact suddenly revealed how unexpectedly formidable appears on the mountains abyss in the breakthrough of the sea and fog. It was a revelation to me discovery, shock, blow. From the suddenness of this blow, I suddenly woke up as if awakened by an external force, and, without knowing why, but summing up everything experienced, he cried out to the whole room: “No, You cannot live without God! “Trying to understand what happened, Father Paul concludes that this was neither an illusion nor a hallucination, but was a vision. In the diary, he repeats what he published in 1914, in The Pillar and Affirmation of Truth, perhaps because in 1923 this book was removed from the libraries. Vision or the dream gave hope for salvation, which, alas, was not justified. In the worst moments, faith supported him.

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