The phenomenon of “premonition of disaster” or the present foresight of future events

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“A bad feeling” – who does not know it? Obscure anxiety overcomes in the morning and when troubles come, we only sigh: “That’s how I felt!” We are so used to it that even we are not surprised and do not try to think about the obvious: each man has the ability to foresee the future, at least trouble for sure.

Anticipation of future events. Lucky case?

September 11, 2011 as a result of terrorist attacks collapsed World Trade Center towers. Killed more than 2750 people. However, there could have been much more victims.

The office in which Greer Epsteny worked was on the 67th floor. At that almost morning he stupidly looked at the display screen and did not see anything: the head drilled the thought “we must go buy cigarettes!” Greer was not a heavy smoker and could do without cigarettes whole day. And at that time he didn’t feel much desire to smoke, but the thought “you have to go buy cigarettes!” clogged everyone else. Charter fight, he rose: “I will go for cigarettes.” He left the building for a few minutes before the airliner crashed into it.

Bill Trinkle was an exemplary employee, but he was late that day – I played with my daughter. He knew what threatened him with being late, but in that morning all this seemed to him not important and he was in no hurry, as if foresaw future events. Bill Trinkle also survived.

Monica O’Leary, one day before the tragedy, suddenly decided to part with work and achieved dismissal on the same day at the cost of scandal. In the morning the next day – September 11, she no longer worked at the World mall.

March 8, 2014 Boeing 777 of a Malaysian company flying from Quaoa Lumpur in Beijing disappeared. Before the departure of 5 people, already who were at the airport, for various reasons, did not climb it board.

March 24, 2015 in the south of France Airbus A320 crashed Germanwings Airlines. At the time of the crash, there were many empty seats – the players of the Swedish team “Dalkurd FF” in the last moment decided to fly another flight.

Strange pattern

William Cox, American parapsychologist did not believe in blind fate and just picked up and raised the statistics of 28 railway accidents. It turned out that the number of passengers on trains that had an accident, always been less than usual!

Similar studies were conducted by the American sociologist James Staunton. He studied the data on victims of 200 railway and more than 50 air crashes. It turned out that trains and planes, filled with passengers more than not 76%, never fall into accident. Or rather, a huge number of people refuse to go to train or fly in an airplane that is already doomed to death.

Staunton talked with many “lucky” who escaped disasters. All survivors believed that they were saved from death happening. One had a toothache before the trip, the other seized stomach, the third fell out of the blue and tucked his leg, etc. And such there were too many cases. Death Marked Trains and Aircraft departed from the apron, rose into the air just barely 60%. The difference of 15% cannot be called random.

Lost skill in foreseeing future events

James Staunton was the first to speak of the phenomenon. “foreboding disaster.” What is its basis? There is a version that the whole world is a limitless information space. It was from him that geniuses scooped their ideas, ahead of time – Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, etc.

But ordinary people are not ordered access to this “knowledge bank”. More Moreover, once a person was a regular user of this “information library”, because the ability to “inquire” about the consequences of this or that step was a matter of survival humanity as a species.

Some heavenly computer analyzed terabytes stored information and issued at the request of a person a forecast of possible development events.

Time has passed and the value of this ability, called intuition, decreased – a person became more and more dependent on external conditions, he became a captive of the social system. He is less and less listened to his inner voice. Here goes to dangerous expedition regiment. Even if intuition suggests that the campaign will end in death – it is impossible to refuse: the officer is not will sacrifice his honor, and the soldier will be hanged in case of desertion. The inner voice spoke quieter and quieter, and was almost silent.

But, as we see, the ability to anticipate future events is not lost finally. In moments when life is at stake – intuition “wakes up” and makes you abandon the harmful decision. It remains only to learn how to manage it and develop how we develop the body. And then the steamers, trains and planes will depart completely empty, or not to go at all.

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