The phenomenon of timing, or paintings from other of times

The phenomenon of timing, or Pictures from other timesPhoto from open sources

The notorious time machine, which is considered to be fiction science fiction, has long existed in reality. This is confirmed by researchers of chronometer runs – an amazing phenomenon, witnessed which became both individual lucky and groups people.

We all know about a natural phenomenon called the word “mirage”: coveted green oases that suddenly appear before your eyes travelers in the middle of a lifeless desert! .. close “relatives” of these optical atmospheric phenomena, presenting more amazing surprises to eyewitnesses.

Cases of timing

Chronomrage have a very complex spatio-temporal structure, why one or several people see events, related to the future or past. Information about such cases, recorded in various corners of the Earth, you can periodically see in the media; historical chronicles also contain references to them.

A photo from open sources

So, in 1934. future marshal of the Royal Armed Forces Great Britain Victor Goddard made another flight to combat the car and got into a storm. Having lost reference, the pilot was forced to wander in the sky for a long time looking for at least some clues.

Suddenly he saw below a well-known, but long ago Abandoned Scottish airfield Drem. However, this time its appearance Goddard was very surprised: instead of a field lushly overgrown with grass, and a couple collapsed hangars a new take-off appeared to the pilot’s eyes a strip, next to some strange yellow planes were visible figures of mechanics in blue overalls …

Using this landmark, the future commander safely reached his air base, but the picture he saw in for several years remained a mystery to him. Only in 1938 when, before the threat of war, they remembered the abandoned aerodrome Sandman and modernized it, Goddard realized that he had seen a chronomrage – picture coming from the future. This was evidenced by the new Sand’s concrete strip, and the pilot school that opened there, and training yellow planes …

The story that happened in 1995 seems even more incredible. from American pilot flying from an air base in the north of the peninsula Florida. Soon, under the wing of his car appeared some pristine, wild landscape, and the pilot saw from above … how they hunt mammoths primitive people! And in 1986. English pilot Gregory Stone, while in flight, suddenly discovered that there was … Ancient Egypt! .. He saw below many slaves engaged the construction of the grand pyramid.

A photo from open sources

Judging by the information gathered on this topic, eyewitnesses chronomrage more often than others become conquerors of the sky. Through the efforts of NASA employee Richard Larson was collected 287 testimonies from pilots who have fallen into the past due to chronomrage or the future. There is no reason to question them all. Perhaps the pilots can watch all these fantastic pictures, if for some reason their consciousness “freezes” due to oxygen fasting or overload in flight? However, such miracles do happen. and with ordinary people.

What is chronomrage: various theories

Today the so-called theory of “field memory” according which all the events that ever happened and ever happen on Earth, “recorded” in a special energy-information field. Some people are able to spontaneously connect to this field and read the information there. For this, apparently, some specific conditions, for example, may matter psycho-emotional stress of a person, especially the weather, terrain and so on.

Here is a typical example of the timing, which happened to observe Alexei Ivanovich Maslov and his little daughter Dasha, residents far suburbs. Father and daughter were picking mushrooms in the forest and stumbled upon a shell left over from the time of the war.

A photo from open sources

Alexey Ivanovich was able to handle such objects and extracted detonator, thereby neutralizing the ammunition. Waiting for the train on a deserted platform, he remembered his military childhood and some boyish pranks. Taking a splinter of brick, Maslov hit them on pulled out detonator.

No pops from the explosion, no sudden fluctuations in air followed, instead the man saw some other around him reality. There was impenetrable dirt everywhere, burned skeletons of buildings, gun cannonade rumbled somewhere in the distance … Alexey Ivanovich experienced a real shock when he realized that he located in the same place, but during the war! .. Moreover, his daughter saw the same picture! The chronicle did not last long: it did not pass and the minutes when the Maslovs returned to their former reality …

The theory of “time dips” also has many supporters; they are consider that chronomrage appears when a person falls into the so-called “time gap”. There may fall planes, trains, ships – along with passengers, crews, engine drivers …

For example, July 12, 1983. cargo ship going in the Indian Ocean “Milena” suddenly disappeared and showed up only after more than three-odd months. As the team members said, at first they got into a terrible a storm, and then the ship was attacked by pirates. Marine the robbers from the “prehistoric” wooden sailboat tried take the “Milena” on board, and only firing at them from the machine gun Thompson sobered up the attackers and forced them to hastily retreat. An interesting detail: in a short battle, one pirate was killed, however, his body somehow mysteriously disappeared from the ship the refrigerator where it was placed …

A photo from open sources

When the cargo ship radio operator managed to contact Bombay (port departure), in order to report the incident, crew members survived shock. As it turned out, the calendar was the end of October, not July, when Milena disappeared. They searched the ship for weeks however, they could not be found …

Is it possible to “fall through” into the future through the “gap of time”? IN English monograph on communication theory mentions a paradoxical case recorded in the monastery annals. A certain monk needed to reach a neighboring monastery cross a deep gorge. When he was at the bottom of the gorge, everything around suddenly changed. Two were under the monk’s feet metal beams, over which a noise wrapped around him smoke and also a metal monster. Horror monk lost feelings and when he woke up, the vision was already gone. Only many years later railway tracks were laid at the bottom of the gorge and launched the first steam locomotives …

And in conclusion, the case that Alexander told Dobrovolsky, who has been studying chronomrage for many years:

Once, while walking in a snowy park near Moscow, I saw fifty odd meters away a strange gray creature that moved against me. Looking closer, I realized with amazement that this is a bigfoot. At first I was scared and leaned back, but then curiosity overpowered fear, and I hurried to the side where I saw the yeti. However, he was not there, and moreover, virgin snow in this place was pristine clean. I ascended the hillock, where the neighborhood opened, and also saw no one. Snowman as if melted in the air …

It is likely that all unexpected encounters with this elusive a mysterious creature is explained by the phenomenon of chronomirrage. In such the case it becomes clear the inability to catch him, or at least find the remains …

War Time Yeti Pyramids Aircraft Chronicle

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