The pilot photographed a complex drawing on the field. France

The pilot photographed a complex drawing on the field of FranceA photo from open sources

We already wrote that a new summer season of the mysterious is open in England crop circles that either aliens leave, or is it messages to us from residents of parallel worlds, or even jokes technologically advanced earthlings.

And now a new drawing on a grain field, now in France. His captured in the photo, and then posted the material to the World web, pilots of the aircraft of the flying club Les Ailerons d’Anghien Moisselles that flew over the fields near Paris. And then we saw such a miracle …

A photo from open sources

By the way, the pilot who first photographed this mysterious ornament on the field, clarifies that it is one thing to see this in The Internet, and quite another – in real life. This is quite striking: apparently, some kind of energy comes from the drawings, why are they attract and make you worry.

Specialists studied the materials received, as well as information ground-based researchers of the French “circle on the field”, and, like it was expected, came to the conclusion that people could not do this. Firstly, the crops are too filigree laid, and secondly, all this, despite the fantastic technology, appeared here in overnight. Even the same pilots flying over these fields that day, at first they saw nothing – and suddenly a drawing appeared. And no one can understand how and where it came from …

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