The plastic bag “crossed” the road like a living being

Plastic bag A photo from open sources

A mysterious video is being distributed across the World Wide Web, received recently on one of the streets of Italian Milan. Random a passerby suddenly witnessed an amazing sight: a large a plastic bag was lifted from the ground by the wind and moved along pedestrian crossing, fingering the lower corners, as if the most real feet! Of course, the stricken eyewitness immediately got mobile phone and captured this surreal picture on gadget camera.

The video posted by the Italian on the Web quickly became “viral”, scattered across countless entertainment sites. Users of the virtual space put forward a variety of theories regarding the reasons for what happened on the road. Comments alone consider it a bizarre illusion and the human brain intuitively accepts kulka movements in the wind for something animated.

According to others, a ghost or evil spirits seized. Another thing is also possible: someone is just enchanted a plastic bag, and he like that “went” for some kind of victim. However, such comments more like jokes …

If you believe the third, more sober and skeptical Internet users, then we have a clear result skillful video editing: the bag is too “lively and reasonable”, walking on a pedestrian crossing.

We look and draw our conclusions. They say disputes are born true. Unfortunately, in this case there is no arbiter who could define this truth and label it for everyone else …

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