The power of thought can change the genetic code organism

When from time to time in the media appear publications about the miraculous healing from a deadly disease through self-hypnosis, special diet, bioenergy or some other unconventional method, on the faces of doctors and scientists, as a rule, skeptical smiles appear.

Even when it comes to undeniable facts confirmed modern research methods, traditional medicine either dismisses them, or tries to explain the unexpected recovery of the patient with an error in the initial diagnosis.

However, American geneticist Bruce Lipton argues that with using true faith, exclusively by the power of thought, man and in indeed able to get rid of any disease. And no mystery about it no: Lipton’s studies have shown that directional mental exposure can change … the genetic code of the body.

“Nobody has canceled the placebo effect”

Over the years, Bruce Lipton has specialized in genetic engineering, successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, became the author of a number of studies. All this time, Lipton, like many genetics and biochemists, believed that a person is a kind of biorobot, whose life is subordinate to the program recorded in his genes.

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The power of thought can change the genetic code of the bodyA photo from open sources

Genes from this point of view determine almost everything: features appearance, ability and temperament, predisposition to one disease or another and ultimately the duration of life. No one can change their personal genetic code, but that means we can only come to terms with what is predetermined by nature.

The turning point in Dr. Lipton’s views became them in the late 1980s features experiments cell membrane behavior. Prior to that, it was believed in science that genes in the cell nucleus determine what to skip through this membrane, and what not. However, Lipton’s experiments showed that external influences on the cell can affect the behavior of genes and even lead to a change in their structure.

It only remained to understand whether it is possible to make such changes with using mental processes, or, more simply, the power of thought.

“In fact, I didn’t come up with anything new,” the doctor says. Lipton. – For centuries, doctors have known the placebo effect – when the patient is offered a neutral substance, claiming that it is medicine. As a result, the substance actually provides healing act. But, oddly enough, a scientific explanation for this phenomenon before still was not.

My discovery allowed me to give the following explanation: using faith in a person changes the healing power of medicine in his body processes, including at the molecular level. He can “turn off” some genes, force others to “turn on” and even change your genetic code.

Following this, I thought of various cases of miraculous healing. Doctors always waved them off. But in fact, even if there was only one such case, he had to force doctors reflect on its nature.

We all rush for miracles …

Academic science has embraced these views of Bruce Lipton. However, he continued his research, during which consistently argued that without any medicine it is entirely possible affect the genetic system of the body.

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Including, by the way, and with the help of a specially selected diet. So, for one of his experiments, Lipton developed a breed of yellow mice with congenital genetic defects condemning them offspring of overweight and short life. Then using special diet, he ensured that these mice began to give offspring that are not like parents – the usual color, thin and living as much as the rest of their relatives.

You must admit that all this is given by Lysenkoism, and therefore negative predict the attitude of academic scientists to Lipton’s ideas was not difficult. Nevertheless, he continued the experiments and proved that a similar effect on genes can be achieved with, say exposure to strong psychic or by certain physical exercises. Impact Research external influences on the genetic code, called “epigenetics”.

And yet, the main impact that can change the state of our health, Lipton considers it is precisely the power of thought, that which is not happening around and inside of us.

– It has long been known that two people can have the same a genetic predisposition to cancer, says Lipton. – But at one disease manifested itself, while the other did not. Why? Yes, because that they lived differently: one was more stressed than the other; at they had different self-esteem and sense of self, different train of thought. Today I can argue that we are able to manage our biological nature; we can through thought, faith and aspirations to influence our genes.

The great difference between man and other creatures on Earth is just lies in the fact that he can change his body, heal himself from deadly diseases and even get rid of hereditary diseases, giving this mental attitude to the body. We all not required to be victims of our genetic code and circumstances of life.

Believe that you can be healed – and you will be cured of any disease. At first glance, everything is extremely simple. But only at first glance …

When consciousness is not enough …

If everything was so simple, then most people can easily would solve any health problems by pronouncing uncomplicated mantras like “I can be healed of this ailment”, “I I believe that my body is able to heal itself “…

But none of this happens, and, as Lipton explains, can occur if mental attitudes penetrate only into area of ​​consciousness that defines only 5% of our mental activities without affecting the remaining 95% – the subconscious. Easier speaking, only a few of those who believed in the possibility self-healing by the forces of one’s brain is actually really in believe it – and therefore succeed. Most at the level subconscious minds deny such an opportunity.

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More precisely: their very subconscious, which, in fact, on automatic level and controls all processes in our body rejects this possibility. Moreover, it (again on level of automatism) is usually guided by the principle that the likelihood that something positive will happen to us, where less than the worst-case scenario option.

According to Lipton, it is in this way that our subconscious begins tune in early childhood, from birth to six years, when the most minor events, intentionally or accidentally words spoken by adults, punishments, injuries form an “experience subconscious minds “and, as a result, the person’s personality. Moreover, nature itself our psyche is arranged so that everything bad that happens to us, is deposited in the subconscious mind much easier than the memory of pleasant and happy events.

As a result, the “experience of the subconscious” in the vast majority of people 70% consists of “negative” and only 30% – of “positive”. So way, in order to really achieve self-healing, it is necessary, by at least, change this ratio to the exact opposite. Only in this way can the barrier established subconscious mind on the way of the invasion of the power of our thoughts into processes and genetic code.

According to Lipton, the work of many psychics is just lies in breaking this barrier. But he suggests that a similar effect can be achieved with the help of hypnosis, and others methods. However, most of these methods are still waiting for their discoveries. Or just widespread recognition.

After what happened for Lipton about a quarter century ago worldview coup scientist continued his research in genetics, but at the same time became one of the active organizers of various international forums to guide bridges between traditional and alternative medicine.

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At congresses and seminars organized by him, famous psychologists, doctors, biophysicists and biochemists are sitting next to all kinds of folk healers, psychics and even those who call themselves magicians or sorcerers. At the same time, the latter usually show their opportunities, and scientists are brainstorming to try them scientific explanation.

And at the same time think over future experiments that would help identify and explain the mechanism of hidden reserves of our body.

It is in such a symbiosis of esotericism and modern methods of treatment with the main emphasis on the possibilities of the psyche of the patient himself, or, if anything, magic and science, Bruce Lipton sees the main path further development of medicine. And he is right or not, time will tell.


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