The prodigal place with teleportation to Kaluga areas of

Prodigal place with teleportation in the Kaluga regionA photo from open sources

According to popular beliefs, here, in the lower reaches of the Ugra River, Kaluga region, there are many “prodigal places”.

“Different things happen in nature,” the driver said. cars that picked me up in early autumn during one of local history expeditions. – I myself am a hunter (therefore I stopped, seeing a lukewarm man), usually in the deepest forest I orient myself perfectly. And here with friends we got out into the forest under Leo Tolstoy. Well, yes – next to Kaluga. It would seem that the places are well-groomed far and wide, the sea walks to the people, country roads in all directions, and I’m there … lost my way. A little bit away from the car and the company – I can’t back back! I called them – and so. They say, “Listen, we we shout to you. “I don’t hear anything! Wandered, wandered, heard the noise of cars, entered the Kiev highway – almost ten kilometers! And still I can’t understand how it happened: there is a well-rolled country road, I had to cross it. No, I didn’t cross, but ended up behind him! we then they tried to figure out how I got lost and didn’t understand anything could. Locals say people are constantly fornication there. A place such …

There was no particular sensation in the story – just go around the heels villages, and in one of them they’ll definitely tell about the place, where “miracles” or “harlot lives.” Sometimes incident descriptions (strayed did not notice how crossed the road or river) the thought of a long time invented by science fiction writers and even theoretical physicists teleportation – instant “non-spatial” movement from one point to another …

Interested in the story is different. Back in the 1990s, when our an amateur group was actively studying UFO sightings in areas, found: the number of messages about them from the neighborhood Tovarkova – Mstikhina is not inferior to the number of observations of Kaluga residents. Although the population there is an order of magnitude smaller.

By adding the observation points to the map, even “standard UFO route”: from Kondrov through Tovarkovo – and to Kurovskoye … Places of frequent observation of abnormal atmospheric phenomena found in other places – Medynsky, Ferzikovsky, Zhizdrinsky areas. In a population survey, it was possible to identify abnormal zones with a whole range of phenomena: UFOs didn’t just fly there, but appeared and disappeared “out of nowhere”, and most importantly – the old-timers called unusually many places for which the fame of the “bad” has long been established. In the vicinity of Tovarkov, despite interrogations, this was not. Maybe a little missed?

In early November, we went to check out a new “tip”. how as usual, we went to selmag – the usual news center in the province. AND the saleswoman tells us immediately about two “prodigal” places in the vicinity – Omshars and Peresyp: “There are often people lost. Recently, a man on I’ve lost four hours in floods, and why – I won’t say it myself I work not so long ago. This must be asked by the indigenous people. ”

One of them, since childhood, fond of hunting Vladimir Vasilievich Katynkin, he was skeptical about the issue:

– Well, this one has, we have a swampy place there, Omshara, overgrown with bushes. But I climbed a lot on it, only once I lost it. But it’s my fault, the fog was, this is normal. But here so that it’s inexplicable and long … It’s not very big – on the one hand roosters scream, dogs bark, make noise from another car … no, when I hunted and climbed there at night, never nobody I have not met. Yes, and in the Peresypah, this hollow is such, too.

Elena Vasilyevna Barkhatova from the village was even more categorical Novoskakovskoe:

“There are no miracles here, holy places here.” There were no anomalies, no one did not disappear. My great-grandmother lived here as well as my great-grandfather. It used to be about our Vipreyka the grandmother will say: drink from the river, in it the father Tikhon washed the legs. Omshars are a swamp, they went there for raspberries, with currants. There were no cuttlefish and kikimore …

The question is closed? No matter how, many other interlocutors with Skeptics of the villagers did not agree. About cuttlefish and kikimor, however, nobody really told us, but just about the “bad places” tales go here. Especially a lot of them remembered in the village of Staroskakovsky. However, they explained the “state of emergency” in different ways. An elderly couple sitting on the terrace of a house inclined to the version of “places to know”:

– Get lost if you do not know. Even if you know, anyway get lost. They found the dead there too! If on Peresypah to twelve nights did not drive, it seems strange. You need it right, and you turn right or left. There is a fork, and you can expect everything.

– What all”?

– Well, different miracles. Here our man rode at night. “I,” says, ” scared, I can’t get out back! “Then time has passed – and he drove through. In the Peresypakh. On the Abrashina ditch also leads … We have there three bridges. One here, you cross it, you go to that one, then you go there … Our tractor driver was walking home and sees that the light is on far away. He did not understand that there was a turn here in the village, and went straight ahead. Wife oh, she was worried, she cried how much … On the second day in the evening has come. “I,” he says, “thought that I was going to Staroskakovo, but I ended up in Kozhukhovo. “There he got to the farm, and spent the night there. On the other side of the Ugra. The river is frozen, he did not notice it.

Supported by the interlocutors and a man passing by:

– There are several roads. One goes to Leo, and the other to the side. Them the intersection was called Peresyp. I don’t know about this place. But Omshara – yes, they were afraid of him. My grandmother told me more. Everything happened there. At we were such Malinych, he loved to give in. Riding a horse and in this spot fell asleep. The women went into the river in the morning, and the horse along the river with She’s swimming in crimson. They began to question him, and he replies: “Me the devils beguiled. ”

Tales of “unclean places” are remembered and reported not only by the elderly the villagers. Eugene Kotin, young and, as they say, reasonable and intelligent man, also turned out to be “in the subject”:

– This place between the monastery and the river Vypreika really not good. Both father and grandfather told me. From an early age I hear: “Omshara, Omshara, go and get lost. “They went there for mushrooms. It’s like a forest such that you can easily get around, and people roamed there. Some people froze, frostbite, one hand froze himself. Forest growing densely, maybe because of this … Grandma also said that with the monastery in this Omshara was an underground passage. And on the other side of the Ugra, on the contrary, there is still a hollow, nicknamed the Stone Ditch. There is also a forest, with all sides of the road, it seems impossible to get lost. And people there too always wandered. My grandmother said: “Go there – do not go to the ditch go. “True, they did go anyway, there’s nothing like that with me it happened.

A real storehouse of information has become fundamental to us. Staroskakovets Nikolai Sirotin. Confirming the already known to us traditions, he recalled others:

– Abrashina ditch is coming from Staroskakov. It would seem by field, and there always for some reason wandered. They’ll leave to the river, then where … It would seem that the village is here, and the place is open, but necessarily for some reason fornication. We thought of one, even in Kozhuhovo to leave … And my great-grandmother said that there is a hole in the Androsov forest – they were also afraid to go there. Granny as it starts, happened tell … Says Omshara – some day sorcerers go there on gathering flock. And we are interested – you sit, listen. Here to For example, we had a school here, now a summer house, a teacher lived there, she talked about the devil. At night, she says, they’re not given her peace, pull off the blanket. She invited students to spend the night. One the student, he said, jumped up – he caught the devil. But the hell is strong escaped. And then the student died.

The story of the unclean blanket captors is a long-standing affair, but the case of a tractor driver, who happened to be in Kozhukhov, you can’t attribute it to traditions. With the “hero” we do not meet succeeded, but the reliability of his story is beyond doubt.

Meanwhile, look at the map – from Staroskakov this village separates not only Ugra with fairly steep banks, but also a good asphalt road – I can not imagine how even in winter and night so clear guidelines can not be noticed. In any case, four bad places near a small village, and even in a far from remote area – this many. And at the end of our campaign, already in the village of Leo Tolstoy, going to the bus, we also learned about the fifth:

– It’s called Kirpisya. There still such mushrooms grow – they call Polish. White is not white, but tasty. You go after dinner – and get lost. Although in general there is nowhere: here is the road, here is the road. A walking in circles, especially if it is cloudy. There is a forest burned – maybe so you are fornication …

Maybe in the summer we will conduct an expedition in this area and try to experience the properties of mysterious places. Legends about them constitute an interesting layer of culture and deserve to be immortalized, at least on the pages of the newspaper. Rural population now is changing rapidly, it will take ten to twenty years – and there will be no one to tell local beliefs and little stories …

Meanwhile, we don’t visit all the settlements of the region we can, and therefore once again we appeal to readers with a request share stories they know. The author can be contacted at address: [email protected] or by phone 89533150925.

Andrei Perepelitsyn

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