The Prodigal Place

Prodigal places are places “where the goblin drives.” In them a person, even with a great sense of orientation, may get lost and walk around for hours. As a rule, these places are different increased background radiation, magnetic fields, special soil composition. Very often in these areas burnet. Vladimir T. said that about fifteen years ago in Pavlovoposad district he described circles around the swamp three times and “… could not understand anything – the forest knew like the back of his hand. Third the circle went around with a slight panic in my soul, but, what is most disgusting – the inexplicable horror that periodically covered me. Who experienced like, will understand my condition. Hardly managed not to rush бежать сломя голову”. Prodigal PlacePhoto from открытыхsources As a result, Vladimir crossed himself, and only after that stepped on the road. But not where I planned, but three kilometers from designated place. Roman experienced the strangeness of forests near the village of Lugovoi, between Dmitrov and Klin (RF). Morning man loaded the car to go for mushrooms. He armed himself map, smartphone with gps and decided that he would go into the forest in the area sat down. He drove a small village very quickly and turned to the side the woods. “But what is it? Forest cemetery? It’s strange somehow … well, God bless him. I drive further 400 meters and park the car in the clearing. Slowly change clothes, and I’m ready for a quiet hunt. “Checking the level charging the navigator, Roman turned it off, relying on the innate instinct of movement in the forest. Entering the forest, he noticed that the trees in it looked very unusual: birch trees, whose bark cast in red, a lot of twisted Christmas trees and pines, The mushroom picker moved slowly, filling the basket with bunches. The forest has become take the form of a swamp. There were a lot of nettles, sedges, prevalence aspen. Mushrooms are a complete absence. The novel was moving straight, but through some time stumbled upon a stump with old honey mushrooms, which passed some time ago. “Strange. But it happens! Nothing terrible. ”Having stepped into the clearing, the man turned on the navigator, making adjustments to the route. After 10-15 minutes, he realized that he went out again to the place where I was already. Turned on the navigator again. Another correction. His eyes were no longer looking for mushrooms, attention was focuses only on staying on track. By choosing the azimuth of movement to the car, Roman in each large clearing of the route began to check the correctness of the chosen direction. Before the place where the car should be, -1 kilometer 200 meters. “I put point. Second point. 900 meters to the finish line. Third point. 800 meters. I’m making corrections, I’m looking like a forest road. She direct and, in theory, leads in the direction of the point with the machine. I decide walk along this road while we are on the way with her. And suddenly the navigator shows: 1300 meters to the car. I put another point and I’m coming back. “The mushroom picker felt uneasy. The situation was becoming far from comical. After all, moving in azimuth towards car, Roman was farther from her than at the beginning of the journey! Somehow, at the beginning of the first hour of the night, the mushroom picker found a place where he had left a car. However, she was not at all where he was so eager. Already At home, Roman looked at the coordinates where he had been going all this time. It turned out that the treasured point was within the old forest cemeteries! In the Bogatovsky district of the Samara region there is an abnormal zone that appeared once on a rainy night after the earth trembled, the hills danced, and the “tailed” fell from the sky star. “The next day, people discovered a huge a lake filled with spring water. In the center of the lake with time an island formed. It is surrounded by three water rings around which “wandering fires” often occur. Local old-timers claim that at night, a silver glow rises above the island. Near this lake can wander around for hours. In the Ulyanovsk region, near the town of Sengiley there is a plot where it constantly falls fog. When this happens, then go off site impossible. The traveler is constantly returning to the starting point. Local residents, aware of such a misfortune, during fog prefer sit around huts. Forests near Pskov – known abnormal zone. Some parapsychological researchers claim that they located “entrance to hell.” Hallucinations attend people there. Them seem ghosts, creatures like devils. And on Chertovaya a glade you can meet a huge black dog from whose mouth fire breaks out. Many times people caught in the path of black dogs, burned with fire from her mouth. There are poor fellows who Upon entering the forest, they did not return from there. Фото изopen sources In the area of ​​the village of Malakhovo there is a forest where 1996, pensioner Vera Vladimirovna Kuzko became a witness strange phenomenon. Over the forest at an altitude of 4-5 meters hung as if black-black hole torn around the edges. I saw a woman from holes come out some creatures. She also saw that day trees broken by incomprehensible force, a strange circular dent on the earth and “alien” stones. One of them was under the spruce and was split into four parts. Its surface was black iodine colors, and in the middle the stone was deep pink with beetroot interspersed. The insides of the stone sparkled and were strewn luminous sparkles. Around the stone were the hats of fly agarics. Subsequently, it became dangerous to move around in this area, as people lost their orientation, wandered through the forest, sometimes for days and only happy luck found the way back. “Devil’s ravine” near Lyady villages – another extreme place in the Pskov region, which enjoys notoriety. The ravine is huge and the whole is overgrown with fern, littered by the trees. A brook barely breaks into its gloomy bottom. Even before revolution in the vicinity of the ravine several peasants disappeared, and in In 1928, a whole team of seven disappeared without a trace. lumberjacks. In 1974, a ravine took a company of mushroom pickers into its networks. from Leningrad. Two of them left the forest a week later, but were in insane state and really could not say anything about fate five missing comrades. A few years ago, a TV presenter Eugene went mushrooming to the area of ​​the village of Lyady with friends. Mushroom pickers in search of mushrooms and chanterelles scattered who where, but when got together, then Eugene was not with them. They did not to worry – they thought that the guy became interested in picking mushrooms and soon comes out of the forest, as it is well oriented on the terrain. TO Unfortunately, Eugene did not leave the forest and only on the tenth day the missing was discovered by one of the villagers on the edge of the Devil’s Gully. It turned out that, having typed the chanterelles, the TV presenter could not find the way back. He wandered around the ravine for a long time, lost the sense of time and did not remember how many days he wanders. Then he began hallucinations, and it seemed that there was a road nearby. Eugene moved on sound, but rested in a dense thicket, and the noise died down. When he is already said goodbye to life and, curled up, lay down on the pillow of moss, salvation arrived. Vlad Kuzmin claims to have been in such places where every two steps the compass changed direction at 15-45, and if you don’t move, the arrow went back and forth at 5-10 degrees. “The batteries at the receiver have run out (fresh) in about three minutes, and there wasn’t much to listen to there – only noises, but before civilization at hand. The swamp (I then looked at the map) across is not more than 4-6 kilometers, and we went there so much time that it would cross across 3-4 times. True, it was already evening, Noise from the railway disappeared as soon as we went there and I can’t explain why. And silence there, even the air rings. “The secret of the prodigal places not solved yet. Some believe that the circular walking is associated with unequal step lengths of the right and left legs. But how to explain phenomena when people are lost, even technically equipped with modern means of communication? Scientists have put forward the hypothesis that there is a special area in the cerebral cortex of a person, which picks up the magnetic field of the earth. It is likely that in “damn” places underground are iron ore deposits, which demagnetize structures in the brain, and humans begins to lose orientation, walks in a circle. Parapsychologists have own hypothesis. They claim that they live in lascivious places restless souls of the dead, suicides, innocently killed, and dead soldiers. If you don’t touch them, they are harmless, but they can pull the adventurer into the other world. There are folk remedies, to protect yourself from the machinations of the devil. You need, for example, to put on clothes turned inside out to avert evil spirits. Source: “Interesting newspaper. Incredible” №1 2014

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