The prodigal ravines of the Moscow region

Prodigal Ravines of the Moscow RegionPhotos from open sources

A great many articles have been written about the anomalous zones of Russia, dozens of television reports were filmed: somewhere UFOs fly in abundance, somewhere space and time are bent, ghosts are swarming somewhere … But there is one zone for which all of the above are characteristic the phenomena. And this place is located not far away, but completely near the capital – on the border of Zaraysk and Ozersky districts Moscow region.

I agreed to tell reporters about this amazing zone local native R.V. Androsov (until recently, Roman Viktorovich worked as the deputy chairman of the Ozersky Council people’s deputies).

Prodigal woman

This abnormal zone looks like a triangle surrounded several villages (Klimovo, Klinskoye, Sennitsy, Protekino). Most its strong section is located between three ravines, nicknamed by the prodigal local population: once in such a ravine, people do not can get out of it, and when they still get out, they turn out to be not where they were supposed to.

A photo from open sources

Roman Viktorovich said that once he himself was lost in a prodigal ravine, although he grew up in these places and knew literally every an inch of this earth. For more than three hours, like a blind-eyed kitten, circled he is on the ravine, not being able to escape from his captivity. No matter how rises to the edge – an unfamiliar field sees everything in front of him … When finally got out, found himself thirty kilometers from the place where descended into the ravine.

In Russia, in such cases, they said that this, they say, goblin drives traveler. But here we are talking about some other entity from other world. This creature is called the word “fornication”, although in appearance it resembles a woman about three meters tall with loose long hair.

Dressed, as a rule, in a white dress, this gigantic woman does not walking on the earth, but hovering above it. Instead of legs under the hem of her dress – only emptiness, while it moves fast. No matter, whether a person is walking, running or traveling by car, the woman will to chase him, keeping at the same distance. Fornication is forbidden considered a ghost, because this entity is more dense than transparent.

As a child, Androsov more than once saw her, but hesitated get closer. He remembers the story of local old people about how once Eight collective farmers rode in a cart, talking leisurely. Suddenly, the horse became rooted to the spot, and the men saw how giant woman swam above the ground from one to another the prodigal ravine and disappeared. After that, the horse immediately walked again … And nowadays, a mystical woman is seen quite often. It’s worth spending a few days in the prodigal ravines – and you certainly you will meet her.

The ruins of the count’s estate next to the prodigal ravines

Not far from the ravines is another mysterious object. it the so-called count ruins – the remains of the manor and neglected a park. Once there was the estate of the princes Gagarin. Is worth to say that the place is rather creepy and strongly reminiscent of Old English haunted castle.

A photo from open sources

The legend says that once in the estate of Prince Gagarin decided Peter the First himself accompanied by Alexander Menshikov. Wanting to surprise distinguished guests, the owner lined with silver coins the road leading to his home, and thereby made a fatal mistake. Menshikov annoyed the emperor that at a time when the Russian people live in need, Gagarin boasts of his wealth. Peter got angry and ordered to turn the carriage and drive away from princely estate. Soon Gagarin was exiled to Siberia.

The next owner of the estate, Count Keller, was the gentleman of all existed at that time Russian orders. He thoroughly landscaped the estate, in particular, in the 19th century spent here electricity, built a beautiful (even unique) greenhouse, in which totaled more than 400 rare plants. Curious that they they grew only with Keller, and if they fell to the peasants, they immediately sank. However, the most fantastic are the ponds that were arranged in park by order of the count. They are pretty steep cascade go down, and the water in them, however, flows up! it A stunning phenomenon can be seen today by any tourist.

Keller also had his own wine cellar. Discover him after the revolution they couldn’t, but sometimes the locals find “Count ruins” old bottles full of wine. Those to whom I managed to try it, they say that it’s supposedly terrible sour meat. However, not so long ago a bottle of this “sour” was sold in European auction, and even the starting price of her ball is set at 10,000 dollars! I wonder how much all the content could cost Count’s wine cellar? ..

A photo from open sources

It goes without saying that ghosts live in such an unusual place. Roman Viktorovich Androsov recalls the incident that occurred, when he was 14-15 years old. At night, in the company of friends, he walked by cemeteries near the count’s estate. For some reason light came from the graves shine. Suddenly, it seemed to teenagers that someone was following them. Turning around, as if on command, they saw a man in the old vestments and a height of about 2.5 meters, which peeked out from tree. Without saying a word, the guys rushed to run – through the cemetery, then through the count’s park – and then still hesitated for a long time stay…

Prostitutes visit prodigal ravines

In the mid-1990s there was an unprecedented tornado in these places. with an average working width of about 7 meters, and last summer another similar walked. As for UFOs, the locals to they have long been accustomed to it. Victor Androsov says, as he himself saw in the sky are three objects that have a rounded shape.

A photo from open sources

Once he even woke up the neighbors to look at the UFO, hanging over the forest. In this case, the “plates” then moved away from the village, then approached him and made unthinkable zigzags, and then disappeared beyond the forest. And about single UFOs and say nothing, here it is ordinary phenomenon. As you can see, there is no need for locals to go after miracles, enough of their own, so to speak, homegrown …

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