The quietest place in the world will drive you crazy

The quietest place in the world will drive you crazyA photo from open sources

They say that “silence is gold,” but there is a room in Minnesota in the US which is so quiet that after some time will become unbearable to you there. Room blocks 99.99 percent of external sounds, and no one has been able to endure more than 45 minutes being in it. The quietest place in the world according to the Book Guinness World Records is in the South Minneapolis Labs Orfield (Orfield Laboratories). To achieve exceptional silence, fiberglass acoustic platforms were used in the room meter thick double insulated steel walls and concrete 30 cm thick. Company founder and president Stephen Orfield (Steven Orfield) said that when it becomes so quiet, your hearing begins to adapt. “The quieter the room, the more things you hear. You start to hear your heart beating, sometimes as your lungs move or how your stomach growls. In anechoic you’re becoming the sound of the camera, “he explained. Orfield explained that it is very confusing and makes you sit on one location. We are guided by the sounds that we hear when we walk. IN anechoic chamber, you have no signals that allow you balance and maneuver. If you are here for half an hour, it’s better to stay on the chair. This camera is used by many manufacturers to test the volume of their products, such like heart valves, mobile phone display sound, sound switch on the car dashboard. Also use it to determine the sound quality. But for a person, such a room can become a severe test. After a few minutes staying in it, you get used to the lack of sounds, starting to pick up more and more faint sounds. In severe cases, such a shutdown of the senses may drain you. NASA astronauts who train by placing in a tank filled with water in the room after a while begin to experience hallucinations as our body tries create sounds from nothing. With the lights off, the most the long time that a person in this the room was 45 minutes. The founder himself could only endure half an hour. According to him, the most distracting person is not noise and silence.


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