The Return of the Prodigal Ship from Bermuda the triangle

The Return of the Prodigal Ship from the Bermuda TriangleA photo from open sources On the mysterious disappearances of ships and so many planes and the Bermuda Triangle area have already been written, what can be a library of incidents in this mysterious place planets, a selection of such exciting detective stories. That’s just until so far none of these “books” have been completed yet …

Any detective must have some kind of logical conclusion. A here – a ship or plane disappeared – and meet. Although, no, one the ship still returned from the Bermuda trap, and it happened significant event in the middle of May of this year.

Then the coast guard of Cuba near Havana discovered a strange ship that drifted without a crew on the surface of the sea, and there were no signs of destruction on it by the Cuban military detected.

The mysterious ship was later identified as American SS Cotopaxi, once owned by Clinchfield Navigation Company. The investigation revealed that SS Cotopaxi last time a distress signal in the area just Bermuda triangle, after which it disappeared without a trace. It happened first December 1926, that is, almost ninety years ago.

Where the ship carried so much time, why it remained intact and unharmed where all his passengers disappeared – it remains a mystery. But even the fact that the Bermuda Triangle has at least thrown something back into our world is of great interest. Scientists suggest that the abnormal zone is most likely a wormhole, through which ships and planes fall into another space and time.

What can happen to the crew in this case can only be to assume, and to conjecture the most fantastic. For example, passengers from the famous Italian ghost train, who also travels in time and space since 1911, were in the past, and in Mexico. And if not for the record from Mexican psychiatric hospital about unusual group insanity “strange Italians” accidentally discovered already at the end of the twentieth centuries, nobody would still know where those disappeared miserable …

Bermuda Triangle Time Aircraft

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