The riddle of a triangular “skyscraper” near the legendary “Zone 51”

The riddle of the triangularA photo from open sources

A few years ago, ufologists and virtual archaeologists unexpectedly made an amazing find by viewing satellite images the legendary military base “Zone 51”, which is located in the south of the state Nevada, and this discovery until their time does not give researchers peace. Recall that, according to numerous conspiracy therapists, “Zone 51” is a place where the US military secretly conduct experiments on alien technologies and organisms, received by them as a result of UFO crashes.

We are talking about a high triangular tower, which has a very futuristic view and similar to a multi-story skyscraper. The tower stands on a round base and, according to enthusiasts, has a height of at least a hundred meters. Of course, specialists in the field Ufology and conspiracy theories such a building in “Zone 51” seemed extremely suspicious, and they are struggling to find out about him as much as possible. The coordinates of the mysterious object on the globe: 37 ° 14’46.9 “N 115 ° 49’24.2” W

Alas, civilians are not allowed to enter the famous military base, and not a single conspiracy theorist has seen this tower near directly with your own eyes. Some researchers believe that this radar station for communication with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. According to others, this facility serves to teleporting inanimate matter and possibly even people beyond the limits of the earth. If you believe the third, then the tower is designed to control of secret aircraft created by the Americans on the basis of downed “flying saucers”. Fourth convinced that before we do not have a real structure, but a complex hologram.

Be that as it may, representatives of “Zone 51” refuse to give any comments regarding the purpose of this facility and demand that all curious ones not stick their noses where they are not asked. It is known that with the development of high technology drawing the base on the virtual maps of the planet got a bone in the throat for the American military ranks. They failed to prevent this, because even if you prohibit the shooting of “Zone 51” by American satellites, spacecraft will do it anyway, belonging to other countries. Now it remains only to remain silent and to deny theories of annoying conspiracy theorists.

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