The riddle of an amazing log in the lake Crater

The riddle of an amazing log in Crater LakePhoto from open sources

In the US state of Oregon, there is Crater Crater Lake, which is the main attraction of the national park under named Crater Lake. The reservoir is famous for its clear water. a bewitching blue hue and an amazing anomaly, oh which has been known here since at least 1896.

It’s about a nine meter log that floats vertically in water for more than a century. The log, nicknamed “Lake old man, “probably represents a fragment of the trunk of a Tsugi – evergreen conifers of the Pine family. You, of course, ask yourself: why is this piece of wood so famous? And the fact that for many decades she did not roll over, did not drown, and, most striking, not rotted.

A photo from open sources

The age of Lake Old Man is estimated at four hundred and fifty years. It has been suggested that a log has been floating in the lake since times when a pond formed here. In 1906, the American geologist Joseph Diller published an article on Kreiter, devoting a few paragraphs and a description of the “Lake Old Man”. The scientist wrote that ten years earlier I met a tree stump on the lake that for some unknown reason, he didn’t sink and refused to turn over.

The length of the mysterious log, as already mentioned, is nine meters. Its diameter is approximately one meter. Top part of a piece of wood that projects one meter above the surface of the lake twenty centimeters, long cracked and burned out in the sun, acquiring a white color. However, this did not destroy Ozerny old man “and did not affect its buoyancy.

The log invariably moves through the reservoir, daily turning into very different places. Despite the fact that it represents a definite threat to motor boat owners getting rid of nobody is going to such a sight. Numerous tourists who want to ride on the lake, almost everyone asks, so that the guides show them the “Old Lake”, and each guide times you have to do maneuvers according to Kreiter, looking for unsinkable piece of wood.

A photo from open sources


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