The riddle of Vepskie swamps

The riddle of Vepskie swampsPhoto from open sources

Tikhvin district of the Leningrad region is notorious for its Vepskoye swamps, on which dozens are annually found death people. Found bodies for the most part are almost completely stripped.

The circumstances of the accident are invariably mysterious, since when examining corpses, forensic scientists do not even find hints of violent death. In the mouth, victims are usually found clods of dirt; dead faces are distorted by horror …

No wonder locals consider Vepskie swamps a place dead, damned. They believe that the terrible flying reptile, in appearance very different from the usual snake. how eyewitnesses say that the swamp lizard is “decorated” with a bright red ridge, which stretches to the middle of the body. In an attempt to escape from flying monsters his victims tear off their clothes on the run to thus distract the monster. This explains the fact the fact that the bodies are found naked.

The sacred secret kept by Vepskie swamps

The indigenous inhabitants of the Karelian forests are called Veps, in ancient times they were called a “miracle.” In ancient Slavic language the word “chud” means alien people. Modern Veps are pretty a small (about 5 thousand inhabitants) variety of Finno-Ugric peoples. Ancient chronicles say that Chud was engaged witchcraft, while it was incredibly rich. There is even a tradition that surrounded by impassable, marshy Vepsky swamps is a city where the descendants of miracles still keep the sacred secret of the power of nature energy. All entrances to this city are camouflaged and securely are protected. It is possible that they are guarded by a lizard with a red a cockscomb, and therefore anyone who wants to be rich in wealth ancient miracle (and at the same time simply curious), expects imminent death.

Ancient legends affirm: to infiltrate pagan underground temples, the road there must be paved with human the victims. It is believed that the construction of the grand Belomorkanal it was no coincidence that the NKVD occult department started it in parallel old still existing Nikolaev channel. As known, The Gomag prisoners manually built the Belomorkanal, with about 200 thousand people died. It seems that the leadership of the USSR committed abundant sacrifice for miracles, but these are the riches wanted to get soviet bonuses?

However, all this, as you know, is only speculation. Fact but the frightening constancy with which they collect their monstrous tribute to the perishing swamps of the Tikhvin region of the Leningrad area.

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