The road to the “unknown”

The road toPhotos from open sources

And although this route in the US state of New Mexico, which leads to the picturesque San Mateo mountain range, called the road to “nowhere” it would be more accurate to say that this is the path to “the unknown.” Rather total, on this fifteen-kilometer stretch there is a portal in a parallel world, where people “fall” together by cars. After all, there are a lot of such mysterious places on Earth, and almost all of them “behave” very much like …

So, on an American mysterious highway, tourists set off admire the beautiful view of the mountain range and … do not return. A there’s nowhere to go, because the track is dead end and you can return only again on it. Local residents themselves do not travel, and, according to opportunities discourage risky travelers from such trips, but many people don’t believe in all this devilry, and then – units disappear, the rest return, and therefore the layman hopes that this cup will certainly pass.

By the way, at the very turn to the mystical section of the highway a small cafe where tourists have a snack before a dangerous travel. So the employees of this diner say that to they are often visited by relatives and friends of the missing here travelers. Only how can cooks and waitresses help them, unless advised ourselves not to recover on the way to the “unknown” that “swallows” people and never nobody returns. This is her special uniqueness and at the same time special ominousness.

A photo from open sources

… Once in a cafe a family from Chicago stopped by for a snack: the Thomas couple and Millie Loudruk, their daughter Lizi and son Joe. While the husband read the newspaper for a cup of coffee, his wife decided to ride along with the children dangerous track: no one had time to warn her. And although, like Thomas later claimed, Millie promised to return soon, neither her nor no one else saw children or a car. Police at the end finally, she closed this case, like many others – very similar. how says patrol Robert Kelly, there’s nowhere to turn around, so it’s very simple to search for a missing car: it’s on the track for example, it is broken, or it is no longer at all. And although the area is here quiet, no signs of danger, people with cars just dissolve in the air – you can’t say otherwise.

Many tried to solve the mystery of this road into the “unknown”: scientists, detectives, psychics, but all attempts to open slightly her veil turned out to be in vain, well, even among themselves Researchers were not missing. At least official there is no data on this …

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