The scientist identified the most miserable age in human life

A scientist has identified the most miserable age in human lifeA photo from open sources

After reading this headline, everyone, even the most ardent skeptic, probably interested, but how close he came to this date at his age – is it still far from her or is the unfortunate age already passed?

Conclusions of American Professor David Blanchflower from Dartmouth College may seem like a joke to many, but this the scientist spent many years researching this issue. Moreover he relied on data on the ratio of age to well-being in more than 130 countries of the world, so I came to the conclusion that there is a certain “happiness curve” on which there is a peak the most dysfunctional year in a person’s life.

And although, according to David Blanchflower, this unfortunate peak for each country is slightly different, in general, almost all people experiencing it at the age of about fifty years.

Nevertheless, there are more accurate years. For Russia, Ukraine, China, Poland, for example, is the age of 48 to 49 years. But for more developed countries like Germany, Japan, USA, Canada and so on – from 47 to 48 years old.

Through a U-shaped “curve of happiness,” claims American scientist, every person goes through. And it doesn’t depend on material, neither from the social position of the individual, nor from his mental or physical abilities. Just in certain periods of life a person feels happier than in others. And there is a peak of misfortune.

If you laughed at these findings of a scientist, then you, apparently, still far from a critical age or have you long been stepped over. The latter, ultimately, may recall that with they were in those unfortunate years. But is there in this scientific discovery practical meaning? Or American scientists are becoming more and more like British? ..

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