The Scot caught the rarest white rainbow

The Scotsman caught a rare white rainbowPhotos from open sources of

On Tuesday, November twenty-second, Scottish photographer Melvin Nicholson visited the marshy plain of Rannoch Moore, where unexpectedly stumbled upon a mysterious rainbow devoid of color.

Subsequently, the man read on the Internet that he was lucky to see and capture the so-called a foggy, or white rainbow that is incredibly rare. it occur when fog is present with extremely fine droplets of water, and the rays of the sun illuminate it under a certain angle.

Nicholson made his amazing discovery after Sunday a storm hit Agnus in Scotland, bringing with it heavy rain and strong wind. When the weather stopped Melvin took his camera and set off for the foggy swamps take some picturesque shots. He didn’t even know that will face such a rare and beautiful phenomenon.

According to the Scotsman, it was like real mysticism. The man took a long time to choose the necessary angle and, as a result, photographed a white arc looming over a dry tree. Photographer plans to send your picture for some art competition.

However, on the Internet there is an opinion that there is no foggy rainbow nothing but a portal to a parallel world. More truly, captured on the same camera a rare moment when some worlds touch each other. And nothing happens supernatural except that it is beautiful …

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