The secret of a girl crying is revealed crystals

The secret of a girl crying with crystals is revealedPhoto from open sources

Researchers have collected crystals that have been extracted from the eyes of 22-year-old Satenik Ghazaryan and sent for examination.

It turned out that these are not crystals at all, but fragments of ordinary glass. Such glass clearly could not form in the body person. It turns out that the girl thrusts pieces of glass for herself eyelid.

According to experts, this girl has a mental a disorder called Munchausen syndrome. Usually such people deliberately cause the symptoms of a disease. Moreover, it is surprising that the girl was ready to take risks health for the sake of simulating an unusual disease.

ESOREITER previously spoke about a young woman living in Brazil Laura Pons, in whom a similar anomaly was revealed. She has transparent structures that at first they were soft, and then, hitting the air, hardened. All this happened under the close supervision of doctors.

Andrey Vetrov

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