The secret of male longevity is hidden in pants

Why do women live longer than men and how to fix this the injustice inherent in nature – they asked this question if not all, then many. And now, scientists from South Korea, finally, found the key to male longevity. However, hardly representatives a strong half of humanity will want to get extra years of life at such a dear price. After all, for this, they need to go to castration, writes The Telegraph. Photos from open sources As researchers from Incheon University, castrated men live for 20 years longer. Scientists came to this conclusion after a thorough analysis. genealogical records of the Korean imperial palace. Archives dating back more than 500 years, suggest that eunuchs, overseeing the harem of emperors, lived on average for 14-19 years longer than the rest of the men. Moreover, in three cases, castrates died over the age of 100, which was extremely rare a phenomenon for that time. Korean eunuchs, as noted Researchers, were 130 times more likely to live to be 100 years old than among citizens of modern developed countries. For comparison, the average the life expectancy of members of the imperial family did not exceed 45 years. The difference in age, according to Korean experts, due to the fact that castrated men lack sex hormones like testosterone that can reduce life span. This also explains that women like usually live longer than men. Note that castration as a guarantee longevity, scientists say is not the first time. Previously, researchers managed find out that men who have lost their genitals lose their masculine attractiveness and aggressive nature however get instead, the ability to restore your body to cellular level. Thanks to this, castrati live longer than other men. However, there are less radical methods for those who dream become a long-liver. Recently, scientists have found that the right diet and refusing junk food like fast food or dumplings with bread can extend life not only to those who adhere to it, but also to descendants. Nikolay Fadeev

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