The Secret of the Antarctic Gravity Anomaly

A crater with a diameter of almost five hundred kilometers was discovered in
Antarctica researchers (Ohio University) under the direction of
Dr. Ralph von Frese back in 2006. Moreover, scientists
determined that the crater stores at a depth of 850 meters huge
metal mass is another mystery of the ice continent.

A giant meteorite, leaving this monstrous crater in the area
Wilkes Land is likely to have caused the breakaway of modern
Australia from the prehistoric overcontinent of Gondwana. Such
the assumption was made not so long ago by NASA,
analyzing the data of gravitational deviations,
recorded by satellites GRACE.

Today, scientists have already determined that the age of the crater is not
less than 250 million years. It turns out that he is older than the world.
the famous crater Chicxulub, whose formation by impact
a huge celestial body is associated with the death of prehistoric
animal world on earth. Moreover, the asteroid Wilk is approximately
five times the size of the one that created crater chiksulu he was
about 50 kilometers in diameter.

Such a giant, says Professor von Frese, should have caused
disaster on our planet is much greater than the extinction of dinosaurs.
And now this huge cosmic body rests under the Antarctic
at great depths …

By the way, independent researchers are pushing more daring
hypothesis: under the ice of Antarctica is not an asteroid, and
giant alien spaceship that in that far
time, apparently, crashed on our planet, turning it on some
time is a real nightmare. Fortunately, people on Earth are not yet
It was. Or were they? We do not know anything and can not know about
tom far time. Now, if we could get to that
interstellar spacecraft and penetrate it …

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