The secret of the genius of Einstein is revealed

A photo from open sources Scientist gained extraordinary abilities due to the unusual structure of the brain. In a new study scientists found that Einstein’s ingenious abilities were directly related to the unique shape of his brain and functions performed by him. This conclusion was reached by experts from USA, writes The Scientist. University of Florida Anthropologists compared the scientist’s brain divided into 240 blocks with the brain 85 “ordinary” people. In the course of work it was found that the size and the asymmetric shape of the organ does not have anything abnormal, but somatosensory, parietal, temporal, prefrontal and occipital parts of the brain are really extremely unusual physicists. This is exactly what according to experts, and determined the presence of Einstein extraordinary physical, mathematical, visual, spatial and abstract abilities. Differences with the brain the scientist also presented other people in the somatosensory cortex excellent manner of playing the violin. Einstein’s brain was extracted and photographed in detail in 1955 at Princeton Hospital, almost immediately after the death of the eminent physicist. Permission to it gave the scientist’s family. Einstein himself, in accordance with his will, was cremated, and his ashes scattered in the wind. Brain slices were given for histological studies by leading neuropathologists, some of them were considered lost until 2010, while not found in one of the private collections. Albert Einstein considered one of the founders of modern theoretical physics. He is the author of more than 300 scientific papers on this discipline, and also over 150 books and articles. Einstein developed a number of significant physical theories, including the general theory of relativity, quantum theory of the photoelectric effect and the theory of induced radiation. IN 1921, the scientist received the Nobel Prize.

Arkady AZAEV


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